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Breeding the legs sitting in the simulator – the features of the exercise

Breeding the legs in the simulator is a popular exercise for working the lateral surface of the buttocks. It is popular with women, since, together with other exercises for the lower part of the body, gives the hips a rounded shape, thereby emphasizing the waist line.

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Muscle work Breeding feet

The following muscles work in the training of the legs in the simulator:

  • Target muscles: medium and small gluteal muscles. It is these muscles are the main load.
  • Additional: extender broad fascia, extensors of the spine, square muscles of the waist, press.

Do not forget that Breeding feet are an auxiliary exercise. His solitary execution will not allow to create a beautiful and harmonious figure. For this reason, it should be included in a comprehensive training for the development of legs and buttocks.

In order for the gluteal muscle to be fully worked during the exercise, try changing the angle of your body. The first half of the repetitions on inspiration slightly tilt the body forward. When doing the second part of the exercise, lean back. At the same time, make sure that the back remains straight.

Technique of execution Breeding feet


Execution Breeding feet
Execution Breeding feet


Breeding feet is performed on a special simulator. First of all you need to set the weight. For men, the recommended weight for this simulator is 20 to 25 kg. For women – from 10 to 20 kg. Find the right weight is not difficult. First set the average and try at least 10-15 repetitions. If you manage to finish the exercise, and in the muscles of the legs there will be a burning sensation, the weight is chosen correctly.


  1. Accept the starting position. Sit on the simulator so that the hips are between the side stops. Grasp the handles, spread your chest and straighten your back. Now you can start breeding the legs in the simulator.
  2. On inhaling, strain the press and maximally spread the legs apart. Hold for a few seconds in the extreme position.
  3. Slowly go back to the starting position and exhale. Your legs should move towards each other not under the pressure of the simulator cushions, but resisting it a little. That is, the muscles are not completely relaxed and we carry out the movement completely under control.

Depending on your preparation, repeat the described movement 15-20 times. Rest for 30 seconds and do 1-2 more approaches.

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