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Dumbbell hammer curl – this is the basic exercise (some consider it to be insulating, I honestly do not understand why), aimed at working out the biceps, and the shoulder muscles (ie the muscles that are under our biceps, ie Brachialis).


  1. The more we turn our palms (ie, when the palms are pointing downwards), then the shoulder muscle works more.
  2. The more we spin our palms (ie when the palms are deployed towards the ceiling) – the more our biceps work.
  3. Accordingly, when we hold dumbbells with a neutral grip then we traning both biceps and a muscle that raises the biceps and this it muscle “Brahialis”

Useful info about DUMBBELL HAMMER CURL 

  • This exercise can be performed both standing and sitting.What’s better? – I must say at once that there is no fundamental difference, however, when you work with large weights, standing is easier to cheating (an easy manner of cheating is allowed), and when you’r sitting is not possible cheating on DUMBBELL HAMMER CURL. That’s why I’m a supporter of the variant of doing it standing, it’s something we’ll consider, but if you do not like the option, do not worry; in terms of technique, there is no difference as such. all the same actions are just sitting.
  • This exercise can be performed both simultaneously with one hand and with two hands (ie first we work one hands, then the second one, well, let’s say we first made the approach to the left hand, then the approach to the right hand, etc.), and alternately 1 repetition with the left hand, 2 repetition with the right hand).

Execution technique DUMBBELL HAMMER CURL

  • To perform this exercise, we need two dumbbells;
  • We take them in the hands in such a way that our hands look at each other, this is the so-called neutral grip (I have already told and shown it to you above);
  • Took the dumbbells in hand;
  • Hands are lowered along the body, dumbbells are located at the level of the hips, the body is completely straightened. We slightly bend the back in the lower back and fix the muscles of the back. This is our starting position.
  • Then inhale and raise the dumbbell to the top point, i.e. we bend the arm at the elbow joint, but at the same time watch that your elbows are tightly pressed to the body and remain motionless throughout the whole approach, i.e. Do not allow the elbows to move forward when lifting dumbbells, are strictly pressed against the body, and are not mobile throughout the whole approach;
  • When you lift the dumbbell to the top point, do not lift it to the shoulder itself (as if throwing it onto the top with the swinging of the body and the back muscles), you do not need to do this, and often this occurs when the weight is too big for you;
  • The strength of the biceps (the strength of the muscles of the hands) lifts the dumbbell upwards (we make sure that the elbows are tightly pressed to the body and remain immobile, especially at the top point)
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