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Cable Rope Curls

How to Cable Rope Curls
How to Cable Rope Curls



Cable Rope Curls: working muscles

  • The main load falls on the biceps of the hands, and forearms are also involved.
  • During the exercise, wings (or the widest muscles) work, a certain load also falls on the large round muscle.
  • Trapezoid part is also involved in the work on this simulator.
  • Exercise is not very suitable for beginners, because it is isolating exercises it does not increase the muscle mass, but rather serves to correct and improve the relief of the muscles, which is more suitable for experienced athletes.
Right: Cable Rope Curls
Right: Cable Rope Curls


Technique of Cable Rope Curls

  • First, you need to stand face the simulator and pick up the handle, which is attached directly to the lower block by means of a cable.
  • Now you need to take a stable and comfortable position. The girth of the handle must be made in such a way that the palms are facing upwards.
  • Elbows need to straighten almost to the end. Having exhaled, the handle needs to be pulled on itself, thus elbows should remain motionless.
  • When the handle reaches its peak position (in the chest area), the biceps should preferably be strained.
  • Now you can exhale and smoothly lower the handle to its original position.
    Elbows are not recommended to unbend to the end, in which case the joints will not be subject to critical loads and possible risks of injury can be avoided.
  • When lifting the block on the bicep, it is very important to monitor the position of the elbows: they must be stationary and they should not be thrown up.


Wrong: Cable Rope Curls
Wrong: Cable Rope Curls
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