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Basic Leg Exercises


The larger the muscle groups, the higher their strength potential and the harder the exercises should be for them. A striking example of such muscle groups are the legs, in the training of which basic exercises are especially important.

However, before presenting a list of the best basic exercises for the legs, it must be said that in bodybuilding the following leg muscles are trained:

  • Quadriceps
  • Biceps hips
  • Calf muscles

Separately, gluteal muscles can also be taken out, but experienced athletes rarely distinguish them in a separate training session.


Overview of the best basic exercises for leg muscles

  • Quadriceps – squats with a barbell, leg press, hack squats;
  • Hip Biceps – Romanian Deadlift;
  • The calf muscles – rises on the socks with a barbell.
  • The method of using basic exercises on the legs

Choose one basic exercise and do it the very first in the days of leg training. As a rule, the emphasis is either on the quadriceps or on the biceps of the hips.
Perform these exercises in a heavy, high-intensity style – 3 sets of 6 repetitions.
Complete your workout with a couple of supporting exercises.


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