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🚨 Isolation Dumbbell Curls Proper Form

🎯Target Muscles: Biceps (Brachialis / Lower Bicep)

 Isolation Dumbbell Curls Proper Form
🔥 Isolation Dumbbell Curls Proper Form

Intended: To everyone, from beginner to professional.

When: In the middle of training biceps. Before lifting dumbbells on the biceps sitting, do heavier exercises on the biceps with the barbell.

💪 How many: 3-4 sets of 10-15 replay.

🔥 Technique of execution Isolation Dumbbell Curls 👇

  1. Take in different hands the dumbbells with a simple grip (palms look at the ceiling).
    Sit down, elbows rest on your knees, straighten your torso, spread your shoulders and chest, pull your stomach. Slightly bend in the lower back, stretch the muscles of the waist and fix this position of the body until the end of the set.
  2. Take a deep breath and stop breathing. Strain your biceps and, bending your elbows, slowly pull the dumbbells up.
  3. At the top of the exercise (dumbbells rise to the level of the chest) palms look up at the ceiling.


  1. Raise two dumbbells at the same time and at a slow pace.
  2. During lifting dumbbells to the biceps sitting, do not move your elbows and fix them on the sides of the torso.
  3. When the brushes are at the level of the top of the chest, stop for a couple of moments and strain your biceps even more.
  4. When exhaling, slowly lower the dumbbells. At the bottom point, the arms are completely straightened.
Technique of execution Isolation Dumbbell Curls
Technique of execution Isolation Dumbbell Curls
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