Exercise Abductor Machine | Tutorial Series & Guide

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Exercise Abductor Machine

This machine is a great exercise to add into your leg routine especially if you are working on your glutes and abductors 🍑!

You can either stay seated on the seat or you can be above the seat a little bit and get a better contraction! Make sure to hold to the machine if you do decide not to do it seated. Push your legs apart and you should feel it in your glutes and abductors

Exercise Abductor Machine
Exercise Abductor Machine

Technique of performing Abductor Machine

  • Legs sitting sitting is performed on a special simulator. First of all you need to set the weight;
  • For men, the recommended weight for this simulator is 20 to 25 kg;
  • For women – from 10 to 20 kg;
  • Find the right weight is not difficult;
  • First set the average and try at least 10-15 repetitions;
  • If you manage to finish the exercise, and in the muscles of the legs there will be a burning sensation, the weight is chosen correctly.
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