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All about pulling the bar to the waist in the slope – we rock our back in full!

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Huge back exercises



The best exercise for the back is the rod pull in slope. It is effective always and everywhere, it is done quite simply and perfectly shakes the whole back. As well as bench press it can be called a base.

What muscles will work

Our back consists of the following muscles:

  1. The wide (or wings) – the same area between the elbow and the body, which bodybuilders like to brag about. It is because of hypertrophy of these muscles that your back will look wider and stronger.
  2. The rhomboid muscles are located just below the scapula on either side of the spine. Ensure the relief of the back with other small muscles.
  3. Large round muscles – just below the shoulder, on the upper edge of the scapula. They act in the form of a wrong circle on the back of the athlete.
  4. Trapezius muscles cover the central part of the back from the thoracic to the cervical department.


The importance of stretching

Unfortunately, this is not the kind of press where a bad stretching technique will not spoil. We need a good stretch. The fact is that the starting position for the exercise requires a good flexibility of the waist and back. This pull is associated with the bending of the waist. Therefore, it will be necessary to stretch it as much as possible.

Variants of the exercise Let’s consider the options:

  • Pull rod to the belt in the slope.
  • Pull rod in the slope to the chest.
  • Draft rod in the slope of the reverse grip.
  • Thrust “T-bar”.

Consider one option pull bar to the belt!

pulling the bar to the waist



  1. We rise in front of the barbell. We take it a wide grip (wider than the shoulders) and remove it from the racks. Hvat – straight (fingers to themselves, fists outwards). The brush does not bend, but holds smoothly. Elbows are apart. In the lower back is a natural deflection, the back is straight, legs slightly bent at the knees.
  2. We bend the body forward, we try to reach a position close to the parallel with the floor. The balance is maintained by the fact that during the tilt you bend your knees, pulling the pelvis back. Fix the housing in this position.
  3. Now we pull the bar to the stomach (Bottom part), maximally bringing the shoulder blades together. The pull of the bar is carried out by the muscles of the back, not by the hands.
  4. Hold at the top point for 1 second and gently lower the projectile back, spreading the shoulder blades to the sides. We try not to change the position of the back. We simply lower our hands as far as possible by diluting the shoulder blades.

We perform 15 warm-up repeats. Then we do 8-10 repetitions in 3-4 approaches with working weights.

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