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How to Do ABS Workout

Today we will review the 6 best abs workout, with these exercises, you will be able to pump your 6 packs of abs, get ready for the summer and look attractive on the beach.

Abdominal Workout
Abs Workout Guide


How long to pump up the abs?

Here again, we are faced with subcutaneous fat: the less there is, the faster the abdominal muscles will show through. It happens that thin people who do not play sports at all show abs stronger than a person who visits the gym for six months. This is due to the thickness of the body fat. Already physiologically, the rectus abdomen muscle has tendon bridges, with which we associate the presence of cubes, it is precisely in thin people that they are clearly visible even without the presence of power loads, creating the effect of trained abs. And a person who has good muscle mass but does not adhere to a special diet or is not at the drying stage, the abs cubes are hidden under adipose tissue.

1. V-UP

Benefits V-UP Exercise

Benefits V-UP Exercise
V-UP Workout

V-Up workout lying on your back is an exercise that has almost no drawbacks. Main advantages:

  • High-quality study of the press with an emphasis on the lower part.
  • Improving the tone and relief of the lower part of the rectus abdomen muscle.
  • Prevention of inguinal and umbilical hernias.
  • Prevention of changes in the position of internal organs (mainly the large intestine).

V-UP Workout must be performed not only by athletes but also by all people. There is only one minus – incorrect execution, which is solved by right the technique.

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Execution technique

  1. Lie on the floor. With your hands, place an emphasis on the floor to fix the case. Bring your legs together and lift so that there is a right angle in the hip and knee joints.
  2. Start slowly and without jerking to raise the body to the knees without bending your legs, forming a V shape. At the peak point, exhale and hold for 0.5-1 seconds.
  3. Return your legs to their original position and repeat the movement without relaxing your abs.
  4. Do 3-4 reps for 15-20 reps.


This exercise develops oblique muscles. But the rectus abdominal muscle, as well as the transverse abdominal muscle, are also involved in the movement.


Initial position


  • Starting position – Fix on the elbow on the floor, legs are extended and are put together;
  • If it is difficult for you to stand on your elbow, you can first lie on the floor as in a normal twisting, bend your knees.
  • Next, you need to twist at the waist so that your elbow reaches the pelvis.


  1. Raise your pelvis until your spine is straight.
  2. Next, lower the pelvis to the floor and twist up your body, pull the lower ribs to the pelvic bone of the thigh. At the same time, pull it into the abs inward;
  3. As you exhale, twist even more;
  4. While inhaling, gently return the spine to a straight position;
  5. Do the same reps to the right and left.

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Want nice abs? Then we suggest you crunch abs. All you need is a fitness mat, and 20 minutes of free time.



Execution technique

  1. It is necessary to lie on the floor, the lower back is pressed to the floor, the knees are bent.
  2. Next, lift the shoulder blades off the floor. At the same time, the press must be kept in tension, and the feet must also not be taken off the floor.
  3. Do the specified number of repetitions.


What is a Bottom Abs?


The human abdominal consists of 3 types of muscles:


  • Straight ones, which are responsible for the tightness of the abdomen and are divided into upper and lower sections (upper and lower abs);
  • Oblique, defining the bends of the waist;
  • Transverse, providing the cherished cubes on the torso.

How to Do 

In the lower part of the abs rectus muscle, the fatty layer is much thicker, there are fewer nerves. However, if special exercises are performed correctly, then the effect of a flat stomach can be achieved in a short time.

Reverse twisting. We lie down on the floor, hands along the body, raise our legs up. The pelvis comes off the floor, and the hips are directed to the chest, while the legs do not bend. The legs return to the opposite position perpendicular to the body. We do 2-3 approaches 20 times.

Raise your legs in a lying position. For beginners, it is better to do this exercise with bent knees. The number of approaches is the same as in the first exercise.

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5. Heel Touches

Which muscles are used

This exercise works great on the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

OBLIQUE Heel Touches
OBLIQUE Heel Touches

How to Do:

Lie on your back, bend your knees. Feet are on the floor shoulder-width apart, toes on the hand are slightly apart. Stretch your arms out to your sides, stretch your left arm and body and touch the heels of your leg, return to the starting position, then repeat the same to the right side. Do 20 reps: 10 on each side, alternately.


Below are some tips and tricks on the technique of hanging leg raises on the bar, with the help of which you can pump both the oblique abdominal muscles and the whole abs.


The main mistakes of beginners


Newbies the following mistakes that should be avoided:

  • The strong rocking of the body and lifting of the lower limbs by inertia – with such a performance, the exercise will not bring absolutely any benefit;
  • Relaxation of the muscles of the shoulder girdle;
  • Help with hands;
  • Wrong breathing.

To avoid swaying, you need to learn to lower your legs smoothly and pause when they reach the bottom.

Execution technique

Do not try to keep your legs straight. It is necessary that the knees be slightly bent. This is done to avoid injury to the knee joints. If you find it difficult to raise straight legs, then raise your legs in a position when they are bent at the knees to an angle of about 90 degrees.

Over time, as your abs muscles get stronger, you can gradually straighten your legs, and then do the exercise with straight legs.


When doing these exercises, follow strict techniques to avoid injury. Do not forget the key to well-developed abs consists of 70% of the correct, balanced diet.

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