The Bodybuilding World Chose Shawn Rhoden VS Kai Greene ?

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The Bodybuilding World Chose Shawn Rhoden VS Kai Greene?

A simple meeting between Olympia CEO Dan Solomon and Kai Green has become the most talked-about story on social media in the last couple of days.

The Bodybuilding World Chose Shawn Rhoden over Kai Greene
The Bodybuilding World Chose Shawn Rhoden over Kai Greene


Kai Green’s return to the Mr. Olympia stage has always been the most talked-about since his last performance in 2014 when he finished second to Phil Heath. Many argue that if Kai Greene continued to compete on the main show, he could win it multiple times.

Since his last performance, Greene has teased the bodybuilding world whether he’ll be back or not. It is becoming apparent that fans and athletes are tired of these false promises.

Most fans believe that focusing on Kai Green has become a waste of time.

2020 New York Pro winner Iain Valliere expressed his opinion and said he didn’t give a damn about Kai’s antics.

Just hours after that, Chris Aceto and Sergio Oliva also spoke out impartially about this. The first to express his frustration was Chris Aceto, the man behind Jay Cutler and Shawn Rhoden Olympia’s success. Chris has always been open about Shawn’s Rhoden situation.

Shawn Rhoden champion Mr. Olympia
Shawn Rhoden

Unfortunately, after Rhoden won Mr. Olympia in 2018, he was forced to withdraw from the competition. The reason he missed the 2019 and 2020 competitions was due to legal issues. To this day, Sean reminds the bodybuilding world that he never lost his title. After Dan posted a photo with Kai Green, Chris left a short comment:

“Great news, Dan. Now you can visit Shawn Rhoden”

Dan isn’t the only one supporting Rhoden, just a few hours later Sergio Oliva Jr. also shared his thoughts:

“I’d rather see it with Shawn Rhoden, who waited on go to the stage every year.”

Leading names in the bodybuilding industry say the competitive world must move on and forget about Greene. And Kai shouldn’t expect free entry to Mr. Olympia.

He can qualify as any other participant. As for Shawn Rhoden, it’s been two years now, and his legal problems seem to be dragging on. And it’s time to take him back to the main stage to give him the right to try to reclaim his title.


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