Phil Heath Announces Comeback in Mr. Olympia 2020

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Phil Heath Announces Comeback in Mr. Olympia

Phil Heath Announces Comeback to become 8 Mr.Olympia.

Phil Heath Announces His Return To The Olympia
Phil Heath Announces His Return To The Olympia


7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath announced a comeback to the Mr. Olympia this 17-20 December to claim its 8th Best Title in the World.

Phil Heath’s personal goal is to equalize and surpass the record currently held by Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney. Phil won seven Sandow statuettes in a row until 2018 when he was defeated by Sean Rodin.

After that, Phil Heath had to undergo urgent surgery, as he had two abdominal hernias. After a successful operation, he decided to skip the 2019 Olympia in order to recover and return to the excellent state in which we are used to seeing him.

When the 2020 Olympia promotion began, all eyes were on Phil Heath, but he said nothing about his status and competition. Now Heath has confirmed that he is competing in the 2020 Mr. Olympia, and his name on the list has only raised the competition to a new level. There will be fresh news about this situation soon, stay tuned for our updates.

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Do you believe in the victory of Phil Heath announced a comeback, from the history of such returns to the big stage, no one has yet managed to return the initial body shape!

In any case, this is very important news for fans Phil Heath. Mr. Olympia 2020 will be held with a reduced audience due to the pandemic, and such a person as Phil Heath comeback will definitely cause a stir and attention from the whole world of bodybuilding and fitness lovers.

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