Dorian Yates – Nutrition, Routine, Training Program

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Dorian Yates Now

Today we’ll talk about Dorian Yates, how he lives, where he trains, how he eats, and much more.

Dorian Yates
Dorian Yates Then and Now


Dorian Yates now lives in Spain, bask in the sun, and has long forgotten about rainy Birmingham. Most recently, on April 19, he turned 58 years old, so I decided to find out what the six-time Mr. Olympia looks like today, and has he forgotten the way to the gym?

I remember him as the coolest bodybuilder who paved his way to glory with the most brutal training and gigantic muscle mass. About what Dorian Yates looks like now, where he lives, and what he does, read on.

Table of Contents

  1. Where does Dorian Yates live
  2. Dorian Yates – Sports Nutrition
  3. How is Dorian Yates Routine, Training Now?
  4. Dorian Yates Wife
  5. How does a Bodybuilding Star Relax?
  6. Son of Yates
  7. Conclusions


Where does Dorian Yates live?

Dorian Yates now lives in the Spanish resort town of Marbella in the Costa del Sol region. Fans still adore him, and Dorian Yates Instagram has over 1 million subscribers. He lives with his wife, they have two boxer dogs – Samson and Conan. Bodybuilding still takes up most of his life but in a different capacity.

Several years ago, Dorian created his own brand “DY” and under this brand produces a line of sports equipment, and nutrition which is important, he himself takes an active part in their development. He owns two gyms. One is called Temple Gym and is located in a basement in Birmingham. He trained in this hall for many years and, having received the prize money from the last win Olympia, bought it from the previous owners.

Dorian Yates - Temple Gym
Dorian Yates – Temple Gym

Its second gym is named Marbella DY Gym, it is an ultra-modern fitness club for tourists, opened in 2016. Obviously, the Spanish hall is different from the English one: it is large, glamorous, and covered with chrome machines.

You can’t find old T-bar Row there, and the Reverse Barbell Row by Yates is very rarely done. But under the gym hall, there is a restaurant famous for its fish dishes, from the windows of which there is a beautiful view of the sea.

The gym in Birmingham is under the tutelage of Yates’ son, Lewis, and his tough training style is fully consistent with his father’s philosophy.

Marbella Gym
Dorian Yates – Marbella Gym


For a long time, the gym in Marbella was led not by a bodybuilder but by the manager hired by Yates – Kamel Rahmen but Dorian dissatisfied with his work removed the manager from business and began to manage the fitness empire himself.

The legendary Mr. Olympia has developed a number of training programs and also video online training for athletes of all skill levels that can be purchased on his website.

But, the most popular is his video course, where Dorian personally shows step by step how to do exercises and teaches the basics of recovery after a hard workout. He is also the founder of a children’s sports school.

Dorian Yates – Sports Nutrition

Yates creates not only simulators. He is seriously involved in the development of sports nutrition and does so under two brands. He runs the supplement company DY Nutrition on his own, and he owns Double Nutrition with Indian bodybuilding legend Hemant Sheru. The sports nutrition of the first brand is focused on the European and US markets, the second brand of sports food was created to conquer the East and Asia.

Note: Interestingly, Dorian Yates had several nicknames: Birmingham Lion, Bulldog (his forearm tattoos), and Shadow. So he was nicknamed for his secrecy and unwillingness to share his training secrets. So, Yates named his line of whey proteins Shadowhey, it seems that the latter nickname he likes more than others.

All bodybuilding stars have their own line of sports nutrition. Even Sylvester Stallone makes supplements under the Instone brand. But unlike most of his colleagues, who only finance production, Dorian Yates is personally involved in the creation of a sports food and is aware of all the nuances of production. It’s a natural craving for control, toughness, persistence, and scrupulousness are a guarantee of high-quality proteins and gainers, and most importantly – their high efficiency.

How is Dorian Yates, Routine, Training Now?

Of course, now Dorian Yates does not train as often and not as hard as before. The full refusal style of Mike Mentzer, who was once his coach, has been forgotten, because Yates no longer cares about gaining muscle mass, he now has other tasks.

But the 90s bodybuilding star keeps himself in great shape and looks fit, despite the approaching 60th birthday. Sometimes he helps in preparation for competitions and modern mega-stars. Kai Green, Denis Wolf, Phil Heath, and Branch Warren turned to him for help.

Dorian still regularly does strength training, but focuses on cardio, does static core muscle exercises, and is active in yoga.

Note: In addition to his enormous muscle size, Yates went down in bodybuilding history as an injury champion. Failure training with huge weights breaks the triceps and biceps and also gives him a quadriceps gap. After trying various methods of recovery, he settled on Hatha Yoga.

He talks about its merits in his usual manner, briefly and to the point: “Yoga is life”!


At 58 the former mass monster has made spine health and mobility a top priority, with a strong memory of squats and heavy barbell deadlifts. To compensate for the compression of the spinal column and regain lost flexibility, he does asanas yoga, stretches, and meditates every morning.

Yates says he wants to stay active and continue weight training in the future, as bodybuilding for adults has tremendous benefits. However, if before his goal was huge muscles, then with age the priorities have changed, the training style has changed, but the unquenchable passion for sports and self-development remained the same.

Dorian Yates Wife

In 2006, Yates divorced his first wife Debi, and two years later at Arnold Weekend, he met the young Brazilian fitness model Gal Ferreira, who became the world champion in body fitness in 2007. The relationship spun very quickly and after just 6 months Gal Ferreira became Mrs. Yates.

Gal Ferreira -Wife Dorian Yates
Gal Ferreira -Wife Dorian Yates

Dorian’s new wife is 13 years younger than him, but just like him, she is fanatically devoted to sports, so the couple spend a lot of time in their gym, and in the backyard of their house, where Gal, who loves functional training, setups a whole fitness town.

How does a bodybuilding star relax?

Now the champion lives in Spain and runs his own sports club. He prefers to relax in the fresh air, surrounded by the delightful Spanish nature, which is so beautiful in the Costa del Sol region. Yates enjoys training yoga by the sea classes at sunrise. Having reached adulthood and impressive wealth, he has the opportunity to do what he wants, exercise, develop his brand, and enjoy life every hour.

In his younger years, he was only busy with training for weight gain, drying, and performing. Now there is time for rest, relaxation, and pleasure from simple things, while Dorian Yates looks great, athletic, and fit.

Son of Yates

Dorian’s son, Lewis, now 28 years old, lives in England and runs the Temple Gym in Birmingham. He is a personal trainer, actively practicing himself and coaching others. Yatsa Jr. is in great shape and shows how effective his training methods are.

Son of Dorian Yates - Lewis Yates
Son of Dorian Yates – Lewis Yates

However, fans of Yates Sr. are wondering if Lewis will take part in the competition? From the photos posted on social networks, it is clear that he was lucky with natural data, like his father. Now it has become fashionable for the sons of great champions to go on stages, such as Hunter Labrada and Sergio Oliva Jr. But apparently, Lewis Yates is not dreaming of the laurels of a professional bodybuilder.


I really like that Dorian Yates now, despite her age and severe injuries, continues to live a full life and actively train. He didn’t grow his belly or give up bodybuilding. He just became different, calm, wise in life, successful, but he remained the same Great Champion that we all remember.

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