How to Do Perfect Pushup: Decline & Incline | Exercises Guide

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How to Do Perfect Push-Ups Decline & Incline Push-Ups

In this article, we will consider two perfect types of Decline push-ups & Incline push-ups, which are aimed at workout your chest, the secondary muscles that are involved in the exercise, triceps and shoulders

How to Do Perfect push-ups
Perfect push-ups exercises



  1. Decline Push-Ups
  2. Push-ups Decline: Execution Technique
  3. Incline Push-Ups
  4. Push-ups Incline: Execution Technique 

Decline Push-Ups

In fact, push-ups with raised legs are an inverted version of the bench press with a positive inclination. At the same time, the upper part of the chest is accentuated. More specifically, the load distribution looks like this:

Decline push-ups – designed for pumping the middle and lower chest or to add variety to a regular workout program. Depending on the position of your body relative to the horizon, you can increase or decrease the load compared to classic push-ups.


How to Do decline push-ups
decline push-ups workout
  • Pectoral muscles (emphasis on the upper part);
  • Deltoid muscles (front bundles);
  • Triceps;
  • Press and back muscles work in statics.


The wider we put our hands, the more actively the chest, especially the external part, works, the narrower – the greater the load on the triceps. With a narrow statement of the hands load, which still gets chest, is shifted to their inner part.

Perfect Push-ups Decline: Execution Technique 

Decline Push-ups relate to exercises of medium difficulty. A step-by-step execution technique is as follows:

Step number 1.

Go to the horizontal bench, your arms should be on the floor, your palms emphasis will be right bottom your shoulders, and your legs need to be placed on a bench or other elevation. Your location will look like a plank at the decline angle to the bench. Static tenses up is in your abs. This is your starting point.

Step number 2.

Take a breath and begin to curve your arms at the elbow joints and, when your elbows will be bend are 90 degrees and your chest is as nearly to the floor as possible, push up your body by exhaling and return to the beginning point. Repeat the indicated number of repetitions.


Incline Push-Ups

This type of push-ups is well suited for beginners, for whom the classic version of the exercise is still difficult.

How to Do incline push-up
incline push-up exercises


Why do this light version do we need, ask you? The answer is simple – the exercise perfectly engages the lower part of the pectoral muscles. Therefore, if for some reason this area is lagging behind you, you can purposefully work on its growing.

  • The load distribution is as follows:
  • Pectoral muscles (emphasis on the lower part);
  • Triceps;

Perfect Push-ups Incline: Execution Technique 

Incline Push-ups refer to exercises of an initial level of difficulty. A step-by-step execution technique is as follows:

Step number 1.

Approach a horizontal bench, put your hands on its edge it, your hands in this position will take up space under your shoulders. Your position the plank at an angle to the bench. Static tension abs. This is your beginning point.

Step number 2.

Inhale and begin to bend your arms at the elbow joints and, as soon as you touch the edge of the bench with your chest, pushing up while exhaling, returning to the beginning point. Repeat the specified number of reps.

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