How to Arm-Blast Workouts, Tips, Benefits

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How to Do Arm-Blast Workouts

Today we’ll talk about comprehensive Arm-Blast Workouts and consider training, triceps biceps and forearms

How to Arm complex workout
How to Do Arm complex workout


Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks for Bigger Arm-Blast Workouts

Tips for correct techniques:

  • To effectively perform this exercise, a stable training bench is required. Do not hunch and do not round shoulders. Use a mirror, watching the quality of the technique of performing movements.
  • All parts of the body with the exception of the lower part of the working hand must remain motionless; spine – in a neutral position.
  • Inhale when moving down, exhale when moving up.
  • Keep your chest flattened, do not round or lower shoulders and pelvis.
Triceps kickbacks
How to Do Arm-Blast Triceps kickbacks


  • Do not lower or move the elbow to the side. The upper part of the working hand when performing the exercise should remain stationary.
  • The higher the elbow is raised and the greater the degree of extension of the arm at the shoulder joint, the harder it is to perform the exercise.
  • Perform slow, controlled movement and do not use inertial force.
  • You can also use a position with an emphasis not on the bench, but on a leg bent at the knee.
  • Do the exercise in a moderate rhythm, do not throw the dumbbell up.

Preacher Biceps Curl

To achieve the maximum return on the time spent in the hall, you need to follow the tips:

  • Make movements clean. This means that during work with the barbell there should be no sharp jerks, swaying or tilting to the side.
  • The movement of the projectile from the hips should be carried out along an arc path. It is necessary to lift a bar more quickly, rather than to lower it.
  • It is forbidden to throw a barbell with load, it is better to accompany it to the lower point smoothly.
  • Straightening the arms at the lowest point of the amplitude of movement is inefficient; the arms should remain in a slightly bent state.
  • After the approach it is necessary to stretch the biceps, it will help the muscle to relax faster.
  • When working with serious weights, use straps, a belt for the back.
how to preacher curls
how to do preacher curls

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Dumbbell Arm-Blast Workout – Cross Body Hammer Curls

The part of the musculature that has an additional role in barbell loading on the biceps muscle, as mentioned above, belongs to the group of stabilizers and synergists. These include:

  1. Brachialis is a brachial muscle that originates from the humerus and axillary partitions and is located deeper than the biceps. The main function is to flex the forearm and pull off the elbow capsule.
  2. Brachyradialis is a muscle of the forearm, which takes its origin from the lateral part of the shoulder bone and attaches to the radius, namely to its lateral part. This part of the musculature helps the person to bend the elbow joint, and also ensures the position of the half-turn of the upper limbs with the free descent of the arms.
Dumbbell Cross Body Hammer Curls
How to Do Dumbbell Cross Body Hammer Curls
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