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A three-day split to weight – is a classic training program for gaining muscle mass. It is used by both beginners and experienced athletes. Three hard workouts per week make it possible to consistently make gains in muscle volume and strength, without putting the body into a state of overtraining and fully recovering


🔥 What is split?

The training principle called “split” means that we “break up” the body into separate muscle groups and train them on different days. The advantage of this approach is that the muscle has enough time for recovery and growth. While one muscle is resting, we are training the other. If you do just three workouts a week, in the long run this will lead to good progress.


🔥 Upper Back Dubbell Workout

Upper back Dubbell Workout
Upper back Dubbell Workout

🔥 Classic split

Split can be divided into 2-7 days. Also for experienced athletes, a split program is permissible, in which one muscle group is worked out more than once a week. Our system is built differently, in it each muscle is loaded once a week. This gives her the opportunity to fully recover before the next workout. This approach will lead to the growth of high-quality muscle mass.

Build Big back 

🚨 Monday (chest + triceps + shoulders)


Bench press lying – 4×6
Dumbbell bench press  -3×10
Push-ups on the bars – 3×15-20
Bench press lying narrow grip – 3×8
Army press  – 4×8 
Breeding dumbbells standing 3×12

🚨 Wednesday (back + biceps)

Deadlift  – 5×5
Pull-ups wide –  4×10
Dumbbell in the tilt  – 4×8
Thrust vertical block wide grip – 3×12
Scars with dumbbells  – 3×15
Lifting the bar for biceps  – 4×12

🚨 Friday (feet)

barbell squats – 5×5
leg press – 4×10 
Hack squats – 3×12
Flexion of the legs lying in the simulator – 4×12-15
Lifting socks while standing in a – 4×15-20 simulator

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