3 Best Exercises To Target Inner Chest

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3 Best Inner Chest Exercises

There are a number of exercises for pumping the inner chest, they use this area as much as possible, and today we will consider the 3 best exercises for pumping the inner chest, but remember to pump it in isolation does not work.



Dumbbell Flys on Inner Chest

We lay down on a horizontal bench. The legs are wide apart and provide you with a stable position. We start with the warm-up approach (dumbbell weights 3-5 kg):

See more article, where Arnold Schwarzenegger adhered to the option of maximum weights in dumbbell fly.

Target Inner Pecs
Chest Workout Dumbbell Fly to target Inner Pecs

How to: 

  1. Hands in front of you, lower them to the side with the elbows down. Observe a slight bend of arms at the elbow.
  2. Lower slightly bent arms as much as possible down, elbows looks at the floor.
  3. Attention! In order to lower our arms even lower, we bend in the chest as much as we can. This technique will help to load the inner chest.
  4. Raise your hands with dumbbells to the starting position chest muscles. No need to connect biceps, inertia and other unnecessary moution.

Cable Crossover on Inner Chest

Use the top crossover block:

Cable Crossover exercises


How to:

  1. We use the upper block of the crossover: We set warm-up weight. We install handles to crossover hands.
  2. Take handles whereis our palms turn from ourselves.
  3. Put a little body weight on the handles, pushing them forward and down. Hands slightly bent at the elbows.
  4. Begin to corssover our hands together so that they intersect at a level above the navel.
  5. This technique loads more the inner part of the pectoral muscles. Crossover our hands together.
  6. Just crossover hands is not enough to workout the inner chest. We need linger at the point of cross-arms for 1-2 seconds, we feel tension in the chest.
  7. Go to start position
  8. Do 15 warm-up reps.
  9. Set the a needed weight and workout 3 approaches 10-12 times. Remamber we need try crossover hands together in point above the navel.

This version of the exercise can be performed with one hand. You will need 2 times more time for both sides of the chest. Applicable when the second half of the simulator is busy.

Push ups palm inward on Inner Chest

This is a very good way to tighten the inner chest at home. The exercise repeats the bench press with a narrow grip.


Push-up Exercises
Chest Workout push up


It has been experimentally proved that when pushing up from the floor, a person presses 33% of his body weight. If your weight is 100 kg, then each push-up is equivalent to a bench press weighing 33.3 kg.

How to:

  • We accept the position on push-up;
  • The loin is arched back, fingers are looking at each other. That is the palms are turned inward;
  • We begin to do push-ups so that the elbows go as far as possible to the sides;
  • We do 10-15 repetitions in 3-4 approaches;

As a weight, you can use a backpack, or a partner, then the number of repetitions will be 6-8. This type of exercise is very stressful on your hands, be prepared for it.

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