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How to Chest Dips Workout

With Chest dips workout on uneven bars with the right technique you can pump your pectoral muscles, triceps, and more muscles. This exercise is considered basic in addition to the main above mentioned working muscles many stabilizer muscles also work during execution chest dips.

chest anatomy when you'r doing chest dips
How view chest anatomy


Muscle Work in Chest Dips Workout

The primary muscle working during chest dips on the uneven bars are the pectoral and triceps. You can pumped chest in several ways, it all depends on the setting of the hands and the inclination of the body during execution. The anterior bundles of the deltoid muscle and some back muscles are also well pumped. In addition to this the arms and forearms are in tension.

Now we give an example of working stabilizing muscles.
  1. The shoulder blades are the dentate anterior muscle, the pectoralis minor and the rhomboid, and the lower area of ​​the trapezius muscle also trains.
  2. Shoulder joint – it refers to the muscle that rotates the shoulder.
  3. Stabilizing muscles of the trunk – these primarily include two muscle groups: Gluteal and Abdominal.

It is enough to perform the exercise of chest dips on the uneven bars – and you will get a good result in a set of masses of the upper body an increase in strength indicators of the whole body and an increase in endurance in general.

This is happens that a person visits the gym and working with large weights are contraindicated, most often this is due to problems with the spine.

It is in such cases that doctors recommend chest dips on the uneven bars because this exercise stretches and favorably affects the spine and even helps get rid of problems with back pain.

Chest Dips Workout – Tips

  • First of all – there should not be any jerks;
  • Try to resist the force of inertia, do the exercise as concentrated and clean as possible.
    Do not slouch, the chest should be straightened and the shoulder blades in the lower position;
  • When you doing dips, always focus on the loaded chest muscle;
  • When you dips your torso always take a breath, so that your heartbeat and shortness of breath will be balanced.


how to chest dips
how to do dips exercises


How to Do Chest Dips Technique

Executing an exercise with your own weight.

  1. Hang on the uneven bars. It is best to start from the top.
  2. It is not recommended to start the exercise from a lower point in this position, the muscles will not have time to strain and can be injured.
  3. Tilt your body forward slightly and slowly begin to dips to the final lower point.
  4. After we straighten the arms at the elbows and gradually rise up. There should not be any jerks during execution, they can also be dangerous and cause injury.

If it’s hard for you to perform an exercise with your own weight, use a special simulator for dips. Usually these are multi-purpose simulators and pull-ups can also be performed on them.


how to dip assist machine
how to do dip assist machine

Exercise Chest dips on uneven bars – is basic with the correct technique and the use of additional weight the athlete is able to build good muscle mass of the upper body and increase strength. And also improve the physical condition of the athlete in general.

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