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Ladders Lateral High Knees

Ladders Lateral High Knees



There are many exercises with a coordination ladder. Some of them are specialized for the needs of a particular sport, part is universal, but almost all of them are aimed at improving the coordination and speed of the legs, movement techniques and balance.

As in many exercises on technology, the correctness of performance, rather than the speed of execution, is more important here. First you need to learn how to do it, and then learn how to do it right and at the same time – quickly. I have repeatedly seen in training some “speed race”, where players tried to go faster than everyone else to the ladder, instead of trying to work out the necessary elements. Also, the work with hands and the height of the center of gravity were often ignored.

Executing exercises Agility Ladder

  • Be sure to stretch before doing the exercises.
  • Do this program 2-3 times a week (minimum 48 hours between training sessions).
    “Left foot” and “Right foot” means that you first do an exercise with one foot in front (left), and then again with the other (right) foot in front.
  • “X 2” means that you need to do 2 approaches. In this case, one approach is to go up the stairs one way and vice versa.
  • Between the approaches, take a break 30-60 seconds, depending on how quickly you are recovering.
  • The right technique is more important than speed, do not rush. First achieve good performance, then gradually increase the speed.

Work with hands from Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder
Agility Ladder


When performing exercises on the speed of the legs, allowing you to increase the frequency of the step when running, working with hands is as important as working with your feet. It’s impossible to run, moving your feet with one speed, and your hands on the other. The speed should be the same, accordingly, the hands should be trained simultaneously with the legs and preferably with the necessary amplitude.


Height of center of gravity Agility Ladder

gravity Agility Ladder
gravity Agility Ladder

Almost all changes in the direction of motion are associated with a decrease in the center of gravity. Try to do these exercises not on straight legs, but on bent – so in games you will be easier to apply the skills.

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