Terribly Or Beautiful? Russian Bodybuilder Nataliya Kuznetsova (Amazonka)

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Terribly Or Beautiful? Men have an incomplete complex from the type of this girl from Russia’s back!

In the gym “Russian Amazon lifts huge weights.

Men have an incomplete complex from the type of this girl from Russia's back!

Russian bodybuilder Natalya Kuznetsova posted on Instagram a photo of her back during a workout. The dimensions and proportions of the girl with the nickname “Russian Amazon” are simply shockin.

Remembering the comic book character – the Hulk in the female form of Jennifer Walters, it seems that such proportions are impossible for a woman, but when you learn about modern bodybuilders, Walters seems not so muscular! One of these strong women is Natalya Trukhina. Her muscles can be envied not only by ordinary men, whom she is many times larger, but also by some bodybuilders! Who is she, and what kind of person is this – we will find out today!

Personal data of the Bodybuilder Nataliya Kuznetsova:

  • Weight: 90 kg.
  • Height: 168 cm.
  • Biceps: 47 centimeters
  • Hips: 72 cm.
  • Waist: 76 cm.

Strength info

  • Strength indicators in the bench press – 155 kg (without equipment).
  • Strength indicators in squats with a barbell – 180 kg
  • Strength indicators in deadlift – 215 kg.

Biography: Natalya Trukhina in childhood and youth

This unique Amazon woman, as she calls herself on her Instagram profile, a bodybuilding and powerlifting star, was born on July 1, 1991 in the city of Chita, Trans-Baikal Territory, into a family of medical workers. The maiden name of Natalia Kuznetsova is Trukhina.

As a child, the Future World Star was an elegant and sophisticated girl. At the age of 14, Trukhina’s weight was 40 kilograms. Around this age, Natasha’s father took her to the gym to coach Alexei Robertovich Ivanov. This man was a well-known and respected coach in Chita. The goal of training for Natalia Trukhina was not to build up a mountain of muscles and compete in competitions. The main goal of the classes was to strengthen the muscles, become stronger and gain some mass.

After some time, Natalya became interested in training. Now working with weights has become her favorite pastime, from which the girl enjoyed. Power indicators, volumes and mass began to grow. After six months of training, the girl competed in her first bodybuilding competition. At the debut competition, it was not possible to win. But, despite this, the girl took sixth place among several dozen participants.

Since then, for Natasha, bodybuilding and powerlifting have been not just a hobby, but the meaning of life. In 2009, Natalia became a student at the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. She is getting married in 2012.

Sports Career and Bodybuilder Achievements

Natalia has been competing since the age of fourteen, but she won her first victory at the age of sixteen, becoming the absolute champion of the Trans-Baikal Territory for two years in a row. At the age of an applicant to a university, Trukhina’s strength indicators were not inferior to the MSMK in powerlifting.

In 2010, the girl participates in 3 powerlifting tournaments, in two of which she takes an honorable second place. In the same year, the girl becomes the champion of the Moscow powerlifting competition.

In 2014, already being Kuznetsova, she sets several world records in the bench press and in armlifting (lifting weight with her arm).

In 2015, Natalia becomes the owner of the Eastern European Cup (GPA), setting a new world record in deadlift. In the same year, she becomes the champion and winner of the Eastern European Cup (WAA) in the competition in rolling and axel pulling.

The girl did not come to bodybuilding right away. Initially, she had to work hard on the quality of her muscles in order to create an excellent form and perform without fear of competition. She succeeded. In 2018, she stepped on the podium of the IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Amateur, where she won a clear victory in the women’s bodybuilding category.

Features of training Natalia Trukhina

To date, Natalia performs a complex training program, consisting of strength exercises aimed at increasing strength, and multi-repetition complexes to create high-quality relief muscles. Much attention is paid to the muscles of the back. A week, the girl performs two workouts for the back, one of which is aimed at increasing the volume of the muscles, and the other – to increase the width.

Natalya Trukhina now

Nataliya Amazonka Now

At the moment, the age of the girl is 29 years old. In addition to sports, Natasha also tries herself in an acting career.

Due to the use of hormonal drugs, changes in the timbre of the voice began. The girl underwent breast augmentation surgery, and also enlarged her lips.

Natalya Kuznetsova is one of the few athletes who openly talk about taking illegal drugs. While preparing for the competition, the girl used various synthetic testosterone esters and oral preparations.

You can read more about steroids here.

For a woman, such dosages of prohibited substances can be considered average.

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