Why are Steroids Needed and How they Work

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Why are Steroids Needed and How they Work

Steroid drugs increase muscle protein synthesis (this is called anabolism), which can significantly increase muscle mass and strength. Also, some types of steroids help to weight loss.

Most steroids are analogous to the male sex hormone testosterone, and the use of steroids even in “therapeutic” dosages can lead to serious health problems.

Most of us perceive anabolic steroids solely as a means of building muscle and improving athletic performance. According to various sources, about 80-90% of professional athletes involved in bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting take anabolic steroids. These drugs have become an indispensable attribute of the youth sports movement around the world.
From 30 to 60% of young men who train in athletic clubs regularly use anabolic steroids.

Their illegal distribution is being fought with all sorts of methods. In some countries, young people are intimidated by the “terrible” consequences of taking anabolic steroids, in others – their distribution and use is punishable by law. Mass media also pay great attention to this topic, especially during the Olympiads and championships.

We forget about only one thing … That anabolic steroids are drugs that have shown high efficiency and safety if you suffer from certain types of diseases.

Use of anabolic steroids in medicine

Anabolic steroids are used medicinally to treat low testosterone levels (hypogonadism) and sometimes to prevent muscle loss in bedridden patients or in patients with severe burns, cancer, or AIDS.

The drugs can be taken orally, injectable steroids into muscles, or applied to the skin as a gel or patch.

The use of anabolic steroids in other areas

Steroid drugs are used to a limited extent because they also have an androgenic effect (cause coarsening of the voice, hair growth on the face and body, etc.). Since the 1960s. anabolic drugs began to be used in animal husbandry to increase the total weight of cows and bulls, while the weight increases by 10-15%.

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In this introductory article on understanding the work of steroid drugs, how they affect certain processes in the body, we do not call for the use of these drugs. If you have health problems you need to contact your doctor.

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