How to Do Drop Sets Forearms, Tips, Benefits: Exercises Guide

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How to Do Drop Sets Forearms

How often do you train with Drop Sets your Forearms? If not, then in this article we will consider the possibility of training with Drop Sets.

How to Do Drop Sets Forearms
Forearms, Exercises


Drop Sets – it is when you start a set with a certain weight of weights – whether it’s free weight or weight in the simulator, bring the set to the point, where it is no longer possible to execute exercises with right techniques, start to reduce the weight by an average of 25% and again, do it until it comes muscle failure.


  1. Forearms: Benefits, Tips
  2. How to Train Your Forearms
  3. Forearms Exercise

4. Conclusion

Drop Sets Forearms: Benefits, Tips

The forearm consists of many muscles – pronators, extensors, and flexors. But the main thing for us, since we are talking about a set of hand masses, is the brachioradialis muscle (brachioradialis). It occupies almost 60% of the forearm volume, and the more it becomes, the more powerful the forearm itself.

Increasing the grip strength for a bodybuilder, in contrast, say from an arm wrestler, will not be the main task in pumping the forearms. But in most basic exercises for the back, for example, reverse grip barbell row, a lot depends on the endurance of the wrists. Barbell row is one of the best exercises for growing grip strength forearms.

How to Train Your Forearms

A Drop Sets of exercises for the growing of the muscles of the forearms must be performed 2 times a week, each exercise in three approaches, 15 to 20 repetitions in each approach, to failure. Before training the forearms, a thorough warm-up is necessary to prevent injury. It is undesirable to allow full muscle strain at the endpoints of the amplitude.

As part of the training split, it is best to “pumping” the forearm on the day of training the hands and on the day of training the back. They need to be trained at the end of the training, after working out the arms and back, respectively. Otherwise, full arm and back training will be impossible.

2 to 3 days should elapse between workouts of the forearms, otherwise they will not have time to recover, which threatens with chronic pain in the wrist. It is advisable to include at least three of the above exercises in forearm training – one on brachioradialis, one on flexors, and one on extensors of wrists. The choice of exercises and the order of their implementation is desirable to change from training to training.

Forearms Exercise

1. Barbell Curl with Reverse Grip

How to Do Reverse dumbbell curl
reverse dumbbell curl exercises


It is carried out similarly to lifting the barbell biceps curl, only the barbell is taken with a grip from above. The main burden falls on the brachioradialis, in addition, brachialis and biceps work. The weight of the bar in this exercise will be much less than with normal biceps lifts, since brachioradialis is much weaker than biceps. Try also drop sets for this exercise.

2. Zottman Curl

How to Zottman Curl
Zottman Curl exercises

This exercise uses the same muscles, brachialis, and forearms, only executing with dumbbells. At the bottom, the dumbbells are held, as with the “hammer” rises, and as they move upwards, the hands turn with their palms down (pronation). Then the dumbbells lower down, repeating all the movement in the reverse order.

3. Wrist Curl Over Bench (Forearms)

How to Wrist Curl Over Bench
Wrist Curl Over Bench Workout


Sit on a bench, put your forearms between your knees on the same bench (or on your knees) so that your hands hang from the edge. Take the bar with a grip from the bottom and raise the hands with the bar up. Return to the starting position. It is necessary to do 15 to 20 such repetitions. Exercise is intended for the pumping of flexors of the wrist. This is exercises can be performed with dumbbells.

4. Behind The Back Barbell Wrist Curl

How to Do Back Barbell Wrist Curl
Back Barbell Wrist Curl Exercises

You need to stand with your back to the barbell rack, palms looking back. Take the barbell from the racks and perform flexion-extension of the hands without bending the arms at the elbows. Exercise also pumping the flexor muscles of the wrist.

See more what you can be training with Drop Sets Forearms: Best 4 Biceps Exercises 


If you want to get the most out of your workouts, add exercise to them using drop sets to increase the intensity of your workouts.

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