💪🏻The Biceps & Brachii Training

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🔥 The Biceps & Brachii Training

✅ The biceps brachii has both a long head and short head.

The Biceps & Brachii Training
The Biceps & Brachii Training

The biceps brachii has a three way fucntion: forearm flexion (bicep curl), forearm
supination (turning the palm of the hand up), and upper arm flexion (raising the arm
forward and upward). It is most effective when the forearm is supinated.



4 sets of barbell curls ranging from 8 – 15 reps
4 sets of dips (body weigth or weighted) ranging from 8 – 15 reps
4 sets of dumdbell curls (seated of standing) 8 – 15 reps
4 sets of hummer curls ranging from 8 – 15 reps
4 sets of skull crushers ranging from 8 – 15 reps *Watch your form


Biceps Curl Grips
Biceps Curl Grips



✅ Over the next month, we’ll hit your biceps with the utmost intensity while also paying close attention to the small details within each workout. Each week focuses on a particular area or aspect of biceps training. You’ve likely been using some of these exercises from week to week for quite a while, so they may be very familiar. But some moves and training schemes might be totally foreign to you, which is another great reason to tackle these tips. In addition, each week’s workout can be used in consecutive weeks.

✅ Finally, for all exercises, select a weight that allows you to fail within the designated rep range. We also provide an intensity menu, offering several techniques to take your training to the next level. Follow the instructions carefully, and use the intensity techniques on your last few sets!

Biceps Guide Workout
Biceps Guide Workout



Use these intensity techniques whenever you see the * symbol. Choose one technique for a particular exercise and utilize it on only the last set of that move.

✅ Partial Reps

Perform reps over a partial range of motion – at the top, middle or bottom – of a movement.

✅ Forced Reps

Have a training partner assist you with reps at the end of a set so you can work past the point of momentary muscular failure. Your partner helps lift the weight with only the force necessary for you to keep moving and get past the sticking point.

Best Biceps Exercises
Best Biceps Exercises


✅ Drop Sets

After completing your reps in a heavy set, quickly strip an equal amount of weight from each side of the bar, select lighter dumbbells or move the pin up on the stack. Continue repping until you fail, then strip off more weight to complete even more reps.

✅ Rest-Pause

Take brief rest periods during a set to squeeze out more reps. Use a weight you can lift for 5-6 reps (5RM) but do only 2-3 reps, rest as long as 20 seconds, then try for another 2-3 reps. Rest again briefly, then try for as many reps as you can handle, and repeat once more.

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