🚨Compound Set Versus Super Set | Guide

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🔥 Compound Set Versus Super Set

Compound Set Versus Super Set
Compound Set Versus Super Set

✅ Many people only use superset or as I say, “SUPA-SET”, when talking about doing back to back exercises without rest. Maybe you care, maybe you don’t, but I feel it’s important to know what a superset actually means. You can start incorporating “compound set” in your gym lingo to sound less like a chad.

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✅ Compound set

Back to back exercises with no rest in between targeting the SAME muscle groups.

🚨 Incline Close-Grip / Bench Presses


Compound Set Chest
Compound Set Chest

🚨 HOW TO: 

  1. On the incline bench, lay down and ensure that your back is in a fixed, non-arching, position.
  2. Firmly take hold of the barbell at a slightly-less-than-shoulder-width grip. Remember, you’ll be working with less weight than a standard, flat bench press.
  3. Lower the bar down towards your nipple line and allow the barbell to drop no farther than one inch from your chest.
  4. Drive the weight back upwards using a combination of triceps and chest strength.


🚨 Superset

Back to back exercises with no rest in between targeting OPPOSING muscle groups.

super set back & chest
super set back & chest


🚨 HOW TO Bent Over Barbell Rows

  1. Set up a barbell on the floor and stand facing it with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  2. Bend forward at your waist and grip the barbell with an overhand grip.
  3. Keep your back straight and nearly parallel to the floor.
  4. Keep your head and neck straight. This is the start position.
  5. Without moving your torso, exhale and lift the barbell up towards you.
  6. Keep your elbows close in to your bodyand use your forearms to support the weight.
  7. At the top of the movement, hold for a count of one and sqyeeze your back muscles.
  8. Return to the start position inhaling as you do so.
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