The Best Triceps Press: Push-ups on the Uneven Bars vs. PushDown

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Triceps press – Push-ups on the Uneven Bars vs. PushDown with an emphasis on the Triceps – Pump of Hands

The Best Triceps press united by two exercises: push-ups on the uneven bars – on the triceps – this is an excellent basic exercise, allowing you to increase the volume and strength of the hands, as well as improve the stability of the shoulder girdle.

Triceps pushdown – this is the best exercise to work out the external triceps head. The triceps style of push-ups differs from that of the thoracic, or more precisely, it has its own peculiarities.

Tricep press - pushups uneven bars vs. pushdown
How to Do Best Tricep press



In order to understand what are the differences in the technique of performing push-ups with an emphasis on the triceps and on the chest, let’s consider the mechanics of the work of the mentioned muscle groups.

With Triceps Press the muscle used:

  1. Triceps – take over the bulk of the work with the correct execution of the movement.
  2. Large pectoral muscles – help triceps and pull on the load in case of non-compliance with technique. Then we get breast push-ups.
  3. Deltoid muscles of the shoulder (anterior fasciculus). They do not play a leading role in this exercise, so we will not dwell on them.

The main function of the triceps is the extension of the arm in the elbow joint. The long head also participates in extending the shoulder and bringing the shoulder to the body. Chest muscles work in synergy with triceps. However, their main function is to bring the hands to the body and rotate them inwards.

Details of the technique of the exercise will be given below. Now the main thing is understanding the principle of the movement.

As for the safety of performing push-ups on the uneven bars, it is important to take into account that the exercise creates a load on the elbow and shoulder joints, as well as on the wrists.
That is in triceps press, if you have weak muscles of the shoulder girdle or had any joint injuries, you should perform the exercise very carefully, carefully listening to your feelings.

Perhaps you should start to push off with a partial amplitude, and then, when the muscles get used to the load, go to the full.
Push-ups on the uneven bars for triceps are well combined with arm pushdown, push-ups with a narrow grip, reverse push-ups, triceps press with a narrow grip.

Triceps press: Technique of execution on uneven bars 

how to do triceps uneven bars
triceps uneven bars exercises


To perform push-ups with an emphasis on the triceps, you will need parallel bars, the distance between them will be slightly wider than your shoulders.

  • Take the initial position – the emphasis on the uneven bars on the straight hands. The body must be in an upright position, that is, it is not necessary to deviate forward. Bend your legs, try not to cross. In the shoulders do not sag, the back and neck are even, the look is directed forward.
  • Inhale and slowly down. At the same time, take your elbows back. Try to maintain the maximum vertical position of the body. The front of the shoulder when moving down will be noticeably stretched. Do not allow pain in this area. As a rule, it is recommended to bend your hands to the right angle, however, everything is individual here. The larger the amplitude, the higher the load not only on the muscles, but also on the joints.
  • On exhalation, as much as possible straining triceps, rise in a starting position. Repeat the exercise.

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For weight gain and increase in the volume of hands, it is recommended to do push-ups on the uneven bars 10-15 times in 3-4 approaches. The technique of doing the exercise, in this case, is more important than the number of movements made. The slower the pace in which you work, the greater the load, and, accordingly, the more effective the training.

Benefits of Training Triceps Pushdown

  1. This exercise will allow you to work out all three triceps heads in isolation.
    To perform, just need a cable simulator.
  2. Very little risk of injury. Of course, when working with the right weight and good technique.
  3. Great for girls. Since they just want to shape their hands, while not increasing the size of the triceps.
  4. It will help to remove the imbalance in the development of each of the hands.
  5. Easy to master execution technique.
  6. It will help to pump triceps at the end of the workout.
How to Do Triceps Pushdown
Cable Pushdown workout


How to Do Training Triceps Pushdown

Set the desired weight on the block simulator, a rope or a flat handle bar is suitable for the exercise.

  • Stay to the face the simulator while your back is straight;
  • Pushing a bar or rope to the top your abs, this is a begin position;
  • By the force of the triceps muscle, push to lower the handle towards the front surface of the hips until the arms are fully extended;
  • Keep your elbows as close to your body as possible;
  • In the exhale make push;
  • At the lower position, we hold 1-2 sec., squeeze the triceps;
  • On a breath, slowly return to the begin position. We do 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps.
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