How to Uneven Triceps: Types, Variations, Benefits

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How to Do Uneven Triceps

Uneven Triceps can be trained with two goals: The gain mass of the hands or increasing the strength of a given muscle, which is important for many sports (wherever the extension of the arm appears in the movements).

How to Do Training Uneven Triceps
How to Do Training Uneven Triceps, Variations, Benefits


In the first variant, triceps is of great importance a huge role, since the triceps be approximately two-thirds of the volume of the muscles of the arm, while the biceps creates only one-third.

As for the enormous role of triceps in such sports as arm wrestling, powerlifting, Crossfit, strongman, boxing, and all sports where important is training this muscle. Triceps always works when you uneven curl, pull, push, or any movement with an extension of the triceps.


Top Uneven Triceps Exercises

  1. French Triceps Press;
  2. Cable Triceps Pushdown;
  3. One-Arm Dumbbell extension;
  4. Cable Triceps Overhead;
  5. Reverse-Grip One-Arm.

Isolation Exercises for Grow Triceps

The main difficulty in pumping the strength and mass of the triceps lies in its rather poor recall in basic exercises.
For training large muscle groups, basic exercises give the best result, subject to the required performance technique, with an emphasis on the target muscle group.

For the development of biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles, isolation training provide the best results. When performing basic exercises, such as push-ups on the uneven bars or a narrow grip bench press, synergist muscles take a huge part of the load, and triceps are loaded indirectly.

Therefore, athletes who have triceps genetically dominated, perfectly grow triceps on his base workout, and mislead beginners who try unsuccessfully to copy the training programs of top bodybuilders and do not receive the proper development and growth of triceps.

Triceps French Press

Excellent isolation Triceps exercise:

  • Target muscle: Triceps
  • Sets: 4
  • Reps: 10-12
How to Triceps French Press
How to Do Triceps French Press


French triceps press technique:

  1. Lying on a horizontal bench for the French bench press or on a regular bench.
  2. Remove the barbell from the racks or take it from the hands of a spotter.
  3. Bend your hands holding the bar to the forehead or to the crown (depending on the style of execution)
  4. Extend your arms fully. In the classic version, the barbell will stop above the forehead, in the improved version the arms are laid back, the bar is slightly behind your forehead.
  5. Bend your arms slowly and inhale, unbend with a powerful movement on the exhale.
  6. Perform the required number of repetitions 4 sets to 10-12 reps

Cable Triceps Pushdown

One of the basic exercises for grow triceps:

  • Target muscle: Triceps
  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 10-15
How to Cable Triceps Pushdown
How to Do Cable Triceps Pushdown exercises

Cable Triceps Pushdown technique:

  1. Take the rope by the handles on both sides, tilt the body slightly, this will be the starting position.
  2. Pull the rope down without using the strength of the hull and shoulders. At the lower point, it is necessary to separate the ends of the rope to the sides of themselves, which will reduce the triceps muscle fibers as much as possible.
  3. Hands should be fully extended, do 1-2 seconds. delays at the very bottom. Return to starting position.

Don’t raise weight is high, at the upper point the angle at the elbows should be 90 C, which will allow the triceps is constantly under load.

Cable High-Overhead Tricep Extension

An excellent isolating exercise for pumping the inner triceps bundle

  • Target muscle: Triceps
  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 10-15
How to Cable High-Overhead Tricep Extension
Cable Triceps Overhead

Cable Triceps Overhead technique:


  1. In the initial position, the muscles are stretched, which increases the load on them and makes it possible to workout them is well.
  2. With the help of triceps, the arms are unbent, a one-second pause is held and bent again. For stability, it is necessary to tilt the body forward with the leg out to stabilize the body.

Progressive Uneven Trieps Load

When working with triceps as with other muscles, for the growth of muscle mass and the development of endurance, it is necessary to create optimal mechanical stress. To do this, you need to work with a weight of at least 70-85% of one-repetition maximum, which corresponds to approximately 5-12 repetitions until the muscles completely tired.

How to Pump Triceps: Training schedule

A large muscle group for recovery should rest for about 7 days, but the muscles of the hands do not belong to the largest muscle areas, so they recover faster and can be trained 2 times a week. For example, alternating 1 heavy workout for 6-8 reps and 2 lightweight workouts for 8-12 reps.

It does not matter what exercise is performed, triceps should be “burn” and get tired at the end training, only such a sensation means that the muscles are involved in work to the fullest.

If your elbows begin to ache, reconsider the technique, replace the bar with dumbbells, use strengthening additives for the joints, for example glucosamine and chondroitin.


If you work out triceps to failure, the optimal load will most likely be 6-8 failure sets once every 7-10 days. Such a system will allow you to progress well if you are an intermediate level athlete. When you achieve large working weights, you can try training without failure sets, but performing sets with hight weight.

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