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🔥Complete Triceps Workout

The importance of triceps in sculpting out a perfect physique is undeniable. Together with the biceps they create the bulk of your arm, and are crucial for your strength when performing the presses. The weakest point in bench press moves is usually a few inches off your chest. At this point, having strong triceps makes the difference between making the rep or braking it. In this article we offer you four exercises that improve the strength of your triceps, creating a way more efficient bench press.

Complete Triceps Workout
🔥 Complete Triceps Workout

🔥Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press
Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

Although it seems like this exercise has lost on its popularity it’s one of the best triceps builder you can think of. Lie down on the bench, placing your hands on the bar somewhat narrower than shoulder-width. Avoid placing them side by side and touching each other. Lift the bar and start lowering it down to your chest.


Focus on your elbows. You should keep them pointed straight ahead, Slowly extend the arms and lift the bar. Then slowly lower the bar until it barely touches your chest. Press up the bar with your elbows still pointing straight ahead. Make sure that you do the lifting part explosively.

This exercise also works the delts and chest making it a perfect exercise for increasing your regular bench press.



🔥 THE EXERCISE: SKULL CRUSHERS (Lying Triceps Extensions)

  • Lay on your back on a flat bench. Straighten your elbows and hold a barbell over your chest, as if you were at the top part of a bench press. Move your hands close together so that there is about 3 inches between your thumbs. The palms of your hands should be facing in a pronated position (palms facing away from your face). Most people will prefer to use a thumbless grip rather than wrapping the thumbs around the bar. Instead of a straight bar, you can use an E-Z bar and take a close pronated grip on the bent part of the bar. The E-Z bar makes it a little easier on your wrists as you are lowering the weight.
  • Position the barbell so that it is now over your eyes (with your elbows still straight). Keep the elbows pointed toward your feet and the upper arm (i.e., humerus bone) should be perpendicular to the floor. Keep the upper arm in this position as you slowly bend the elbows and lower the bar toward your forehead. The elbow should point up toward the ceiling and not toward your feet as the bar is lowered toward your forehead. If you let your upper arm drop (so it is not longer perpendicular to the floor) this elbow position will not be correct.
  • Continue the slow, controlled descent of the bar, but stop just before the knuckles of your hands touch your forehead. Try to keep your elbows pointing toward the ceiling and do not let them drift out to the side as the hands approach your forehead.
  • Reverse the bar’s direction by pushing the weight upward with the triceps and straightening the elbows. The hands should be in a line that is directly over your eyes as the bar is moving upward. Stop the movement of the bar just short of completely locking out the elbow before returning the bar slowly toward your forehead.



🔥 Exercise tips

  • Keep your elbows close to your body.
  • Try not to go too deep down to avoid unnecessary strain on the shoulder joints.


If you want to increase the resistance you can place a weight plate or a dumbbell in your lap.

On the other hand, if the exercise is too hard for you, then you can decrease the resistance by placing your feet on the floor instead of the other bench.

A lot harder and a bit different version of the dip is the parallel bar dip which builds strength and mass.


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