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DeadLift from beautiful girl

Perform deadlift: uses all the muscles of the shoulder girdle!

Order of implementation deadlift:

  • Stand in the starting position with the weight: the legs are already put on width the shoulders, the socks can be slightly deployed to the sides or leave them parallel to each other.
  • It is necessary to bring together the shoulder blades, look straight. In the lower back is a deflection (the pelvis is pushed back). Now let us remind you of the breath: when you drop, you inhale. Exhale is on the rise. Everything is as usual – the effort goes on exhalation, relaxation on inspiration. Just remember this simple principle of breathing.
  • The legs are straight in the knees! Therefore, the type of exercise is called – deadlift on straight legs. We hold the barbell on the width of the shoulders with a straight grip.
  • Begin to move the bar or bar strictly down to the middle of each foot. To do this, the feet must be level with each other!DeadLift from beautiful girl
  • The back remains straight, bends due to flexion of the lower back and removal of the pelvis back. The pelvis is pulled back to maintain balance, so as not to fall forward. Do not forget that you are pulling the buttocks back not by bending the knees, but by deflecting all the legs back. That is, your legs will go beyond the line perpendicular to the floor. On the one hand, it turns out that the pelvis does not move at all, but on the other hand it deviates along with the legs. But all movement is carried out due to the efforts of the waist.
  • Weight we pull the muscles of the waist. During the exercise, you should feel how it works and the back of the thigh. When you return to the starting point – consolidation the shoulder blades.


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