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How many times a week can I pump the abdominal?

Abdominal exercises
Abdominal exercises



How many times a week should I training the abs? Many people want to know the answer to this question. But it is worth noting that a 24-hour abdomin training will not bring the desired result. Muscles need time to recover. Intense load provokes their growth, so exercise for the abdominal muscles should be done regularly

Exercises for the abdominals are performed with different frequencies and intervals. There is an opinion among experienced fitness trainers that it takes 7 to 10 days to restore muscle. But not everyone listens to this theory. Novice athletes think that the rate of muscle growth depends on the frequency of exercises. This opinion is erroneous.

In order for the stomach to acquire elasticity and the necessary forms, exercises for the press can be done in three ways:

1. The “3×2” scheme. According to this scheme, you need to pay attention to the press 3 times in 7 days. For training, you need to do 2 approaches specifically for the abdominal muscles. Only the first approach should be without load, and the second – with the use of dumbbells and disks.


2. The “2×1” scheme involves the swing of the press 2 times a week. But the block with exercises for the abdomen needs to be done at the very end of the workout. Their intensity and load should not be inferior to other sets of exercises for the entire training period. Better to devote the press Monday and Friday. With such a frequency, the muscles will be able to recover for a new load.

3. The “1×1” scheme. This scheme is used by many professionals. Once a week is enough for the abs to really work. But this one workout needs to be devoted to the press, without stress on the arms, legs, back and buttocks. Qualitative and intensive training of the abdominal muscles should be once a week. The muscles will fully recover before the next visit to the gym.

What slows down the appearance of a abdomen?

A man spends all day in the gym, but his stomach remains the same. He knows for sure how many times a week to pump the abs, what exercises are effective for him ?! But the result does not come. What is the problem?


It all depends on the individual characteristics of the person. To see a relief belly interfere:
  • improper nutrition;
  • the presence of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen;
  • incorrect techniques for performing exercises;
  • insufficient load.

During training, do not forget about sufficient fluid intake. For an hour of training you need to drink a minimum of 0.5 liters of still water.

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