How to Burn Fat on ABS | Guide & Tips

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Tips to Lose Belly Fat

How to Bern Fat on ASB



A muscular abs is always relevant (and not just in anticipation of the beach season), so ab exercises are in the arsenal of every gym visitor. Intensively training the abdominal muscles (this is the name of this muscle group), we often deviate from the correct technique. What are the most common mistakes in working with the abdominal?

How to pump up the press in 5 minutes at home

Perform five exercises without a break. That is, having completed one exercise, we immediately proceed to the next.

If you are a girl or have low physical fitness, push up from your knees. We push out as much as we can, preferably within one minute, to the maximum. If you feel very tired, fix the position at the top point. Rest for a few seconds, but do not get out of a lying position.

How to: 

One of the main exercises for the abdomin. Perform twisting of the body, this exercise begins with movement from the shoulder blades, do not lift the body much. In this movement, it is very important to feel the abdominal muscles and constantly keep them in tension. Similarly, we perform exercises to the maximum.


Toe-up plank

Exercises that includes all the muscles of the body. Including abs and lumbar muscles. It is advisable to complete this exercise within one minute. This requires excellent physical fitness. Therefore, when you can’t do the toes, just stand in the plank.
During these five minutes, you will fully include not only the abdominal muscles, but also the entire body. If your physical fitness is not enough to complete each exercise for one minute. Reduce this time to 30 seconds, but make two such circles.

How to pump a press in 5 minutes with healthy nutrition

No matter how hard you train without adjusting your nutrition, you will not succeed and get to your cubes. But you can get to them even if you have a sufficiently large fat layer.

The most elementary thing that can be done is to remove sweet and flour products, including sweet drinks. Replace some of the side dishes with vegetables that are high in fiber (cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, lettuce), thereby reducing the amount of carbohydrates and, against the background of daily short workouts, definitely reduce your body fat and pump up the press.


You can also do two three low-calorie days a week. These days you will only eat high fiber vegetables and low fat block foods (chicken breast and other lean meats, low fat cottage cheese, egg whites, fish). At the same time, in the remaining four five days a week in which you will eat other foods, we will also exclude sweets and other harmful foods.

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