How to Training Obliques Muscles & Tips, Routine

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Obliques Muscles

Today we will consider options for training oblique abdominal mice with the help of 2th exercises that you can perform even at home.

oblique workout
Training Obliques Muscles with best Ab Exercises

1. Training Obliques Muscles with Double Ab twisting.

Another great exercise is double twisting. This unique exercise pumps your abs from two sides at once, including both oblique and abs muscles, so you can work out almost the entire abs. Double twisting is much more effective than classical twisting and if you perform them easily you can complicate the exercise. For this we need a crossover simulator with a handle in the form of a rope.

Starting position:

  • This exercise is performed on a crossover block simulator;
  • Lower the handle block to the bottom;
  • Fasten the handle in the form of a rope;
  • Take a lying position, head is located next to the block;
  • Grasp the rope handle with your hands and slightly raise yourself so that the block cable stretches.

Straighten your legs and keep them at a height of 10-15 cm from the floor. This position of the body is the starting position.

Training Obliques Muscles with Double Ab twisting
Training Obliques Muscles with Double Ab twisting


  1. Try to lift your body along with your legs synchronization will allow the upper and lower abs shrink at the same time;
  2. Lift the casing off the floor (as with classic twists on the floor) and at the same time pull your knees up. At the same time, try to twisted your body as hard as possible, it involves the oblique muscles;
  3. At the top point of the exercise, hold for a second and slowly return to the starting position;
  4. Do not lower your feet to the floor and do not lower the weight of the block crossover;
  5. Do about 15-20 twists and leg lifts.

Practical Recommendations and Tips:

  • The most important thing when doing double twists on the block is the synchronization of lifting the body and legs. If at first you are unable to maintain this synchronization, set a minimal weight on the block of crossover.
  • Add the working weight in step by step, choosing the optimal load. Remember that increased working weight should not affect your technique.
  • Exercise will only be effective when the top and bottom of the abs are contract at the same time.

2. Abs Reverse twists for Obliques Muscles.

Abs Reverse twists differ from classical abs twists in that instead of lifting the hull we raise our legs. This exercise works well for the obliques muscle and can be performed both in the gym and at home – lying on the bed or on the floor.

The right technique Ab Reverse twists

  • Take a position lying on a bench or on the floor;
  • Bend your knees and raise your hips to a level where they become perpendicular to the floor or bench;
  • Keep your hands behind the head (if you are doing this exercise on the floor) or holding onto the edge of the bench;
  • Due to the isolated obliques muscles, begin to tighten your knees towards the chest, while at the top point your pelvis should be fully raised above the floor or bench;
  • Follow 3 sets of 15 reps.

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Tips Abs Obliques

  • When performing reverse twists, make sure that movements are carried out exclusively due to the pressure of the obliques abs;
  • Do not bend your legs, as in this case the thigh muscles will take on most of the load;
  • At the top point of the exercise, make a short pause and after it slowly return to the starting position.
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