How to Buttock Exercises for Girls in the Gym

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Buttock Exercises for Girls

Buttock Exercises



If genetics did not reward you with beautiful, elastic buttocks – this is not a problem, because regular exercises will help change the situation. Regularly performing the correct exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls, you will soon achieve results. The main thing is not to be lazy.


The gluteal muscles are divided into large, medium and small. Their functioning is somewhat reminiscent of shoulder deltas.

The gluteus maximus muscles are powerful and massive. They are formed by coarse fibers. On the one hand, they are attached to the bones of the sacral spine, and on the other, to the upper back of the thigh bone. Their functions are as follows:

  • hip extension in the hip joint;
  • lead the hips to the side and bring it to the center;
  • hips outward;
  • stabilization of the torso when walking and standing.

The middle gluteus muscles are the external muscles of the pelvis, partially located below the gluteus maximus and forming the line of the hips. On one side they are attached to the iliac bones, the second – to the thigh. The middle gluteal muscles are responsible for the abduction of the thigh, abduction of the pelvis to the side when fixing the thigh, turning the thigh out and in.


Small gluteal muscles are located as deep as possible, on the one hand they are fixed to the outer surface of the ilium, on the other edge – to the front of the den of the femur. In function and structure, they resemble the middle muscles, but they are thinner. These muscles rotate and divert the thigh; they are diverted to the side of the pelvis with support on one leg.

Consider the best exercises that should be used to work out the buttocks in the hall.
Squatting with a barbell and dumbbells

Squatting with a barbell


This is one of the best exercises to increase the volume of the buttocks. It is recommended to do them in three approaches, 10-12 times. Use the weight so that you can complete all 12 repetitions. At the same time, the last couple of repetitions should be hard for you, so to speak, from your last strength. Only in this case will you be able to create microcracks in muscle fibers by triggering muscle tissue growth processes.

Squat in the Smith’s Simulator

Squat in the Smith's Simulator


Thanks to Smith’s simulator, you can work out your gluteal muscles in a quality manner, so let your buttock workout in the gym include these exercises. Such squats are similar to simple squats with a barbell, however, unlike the latter, where stabilizer muscles also work, it is isolated and works out only large, medium and small gluteal muscles. These exercises are recommended for those who are already familiar with the usual squats with the bar, since the technique of their implementation is important here.

Huck Squats


Also very effective squats for pumping the buttocks. Thanks to this simulator, you can make the squat as deep as possible, namely due to this, the gluteal muscles are pumped. Another point is the weights you use. In this exercise, the girls should not be afraid of large weights – you will not pump over, even if you really want to. Doing this exercise is recommended in 3-4 sets of 10-12 times.

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