How to Plank Exercises for Women | Guide

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Plank for weight loss of the abdomen, legs and arms: the main types and technique

how to plank workout


The effectiveness of the Plank is difficult to overestimate – from the outside this static exercise may seem simple, but in fact it involves all the muscles of the body and pumps them no worse than classes in the gym. And with proper execution plank can help not only to keep the body in good shape, but also lose extra pounds. So, we tell you how to stand in the Plank in order to lose weight.

How to make a plank

Before moving on to the complex types of planks that help you lose weight, we will master the classic plank. So, accept the starting position – lying down. Make sure that the emphasis falls only on the elbows and socks, while the body should be perfectly even, without deflection. Muscles in this position should be tensed, elbows under the shoulders, and the head in line with the spine.

You should not force yourself to stand in the Plank for as long as possible the first time. Start with 10 seconds per approach and each time gradually increase the amount of time, taking into account your own feelings and capabilities. Regular performance of the Plank not only pumps muscles and makes them steel, but also helps to get rid of cellulite and sagging skin, increase stamina and tighten all the problem areas.

fitness woman on a plank pose
fitness woman on a plank pose


Weight Loss Plank: Types

When you master the classic plank and you can feel comfortable standing in it for a long time, move on to more complex types of plank that will help you lose weight – for example, the side plank – for weight loss in the abdomen, or the plank with a raised leg – in order to make legs are perfectly slender.

Side Plank for weight loss belly: how to do

The side Plank is a real miracle exercise for your arms, buttocks, abs and back muscles. So, take the starting position – lie down on one side with emphasis on the elbow. Keep your other hand on your belt or behind your head. Then tear your hips off the floor and linger in that position for as long as you have enough strength. Make the same plank to the other side. During the execution of the side plank, the muscles of the abs and buttocks should be as tight as possible, and the back should be even, as with the execution of the classic plank. If you want to achieve a visible effect, pay special attention to the correct technique for performing the plank, gradually increase the lead time and do not forget to exercise regularly, adding other weight loss exercises to your program if possible.


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