7 Minute Ab Workout For The Gym

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Abs Workout for Beginners

How long does it take to conduct such a training that will load all the muscles of the body and exhaust you to the limit? Hour? One and a half? No, here is a set of exercises that will do it in just seven minutes!

The Best Abs Workout


This 7-minute workout will help you in the shortest possible time to put your body in order, increase endurance and lose weight. Each of the exercises must be performed within 30 seconds without rest between them. Thus, you can burn the maximum number of calories in a minimum period of time. Please note that training does not require any additional equipment, so you can train anytime, anywhere.

You do not need to spend long hours in the gym in order to be in good physical shape or to lose extra pounds. In fact, the small intervals of periodic physical activity included in your daily life, in particular this 7-minute workout on your abs, are not only very effective, but also help speed up your metabolism.

How to do this workout?

Warm up your muscles well before starting your workout. Take 3-5 minutes of jumping with breeding of arms and legs or walk on the spot at a fast pace, this will be enough for this particular workout.

For doing this workout to the abs in 7 minutes, do each of the exercises below for 45 seconds before quickly moving on to the next. If you have time and motivation left after completion, you can turn it into a 16 or 20 minute workout by doing another reps of exercises again.



How to:

  • Take a starting position with an emphasis on the hands, resembling a position for performing push-ups from the floor. The body is elongated horizontally, legs are straight;
  • Hands stand under the shoulders, abdominal muscles are tense. This position will be start position;
  • Lock the position, the top of the body does not move throughout the entire movement;
  • Bend your right leg and vigorously lift it forward towards your right hand;
  • Return the leg to its original position and do the same with the other leg.


crunch exercises


Crunching is aimed at developing the rectus abdominis muscle. This is a very effective exercise for the initial stage, which allows you to load it only the abdominal, but also other core muscles. The exercise is as follows.

Twisting technique:
  1. Lie on your fitness mat on your back.
  2. Then you need to bend your knees and put your feet on the floor.
  3. Clasp your hands behind your head while supporting your head weight.
  4. Then crunch at an angle of about 30 degrees and exhale.
  5. Inhale and return to starting position.
  6. Perform 3-4 exercise sets of 10-12 reps.


How to skater exercises:


  • Stand with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. Hands straight. (At the very beginning, you can hold your hand behind to the back );
  • Straining the abs, bend the left leg slightly, crouching slightly. Now put your right foot behind your left foot as far as you can;
  • Lean forward a little, waving your right hand in front of the thigh of your right leg, and your left hand – behind you;
  • This movement will help you balance your body weight. Then put your foot back;
  • Perform a certain number of repetitions and change legs or perform an exercise with legs alternately;
  • Do 12-15 repetitions on each leg.

Can see other exercises for the Abs (Six Pack)

Alternate Plank and leg lift

How to plank:

This is a type of plank in our selection of abdominal exercises.


  1. You need to stand up with your belly up. To do this, sit on your buttocks and lean on your hands behind;
  2. Legs are bent and are in front of you;
  3. Transferring body weight to your hands, lift your buttocks;
  4. The gaze is directed upwards. The neck and spine are straight;
  5. In turn, begin to raise your leg up and stretch your hand to the leg;
  6. Do each leg 12-15 times alternately
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