Exercise Vacuum for the abdomen – one of the most effective ways to clean the belly at home

To breathe and lose weight – so in a nutshell you can say about the exercise for the press called “vacuum”. The technique is not based on strength exercises, but on breathing exercises. It is considered the most effective way to pump your stomach. Now, in order to create a flat press and a thin waist, you do not have to torture yourself for hours on the simulators. Burn excess fat, make the waist thinner, recover after the childbirth and even get rid of back pain will help exercise “vacuum for the stomach.”

Stomach Vacuum Exercise
Stomach Vacuum Exercise

Vacuum for the stomach – how correctly to do basic exercises for beginners?
Exercise “vacuum” passed into fitness from yoga. The trainers liked the idea of removing the roundness of the abdomen with the help of special breathing exercises for the press. Many people have the question: why do such gymnastics, if there are many exercises for a flat stomach? The answer is simple – the strength training of the press burns fat and pumps up a tight muscle mass. But at the same time the load goes mainly to the rectus abdominis muscle. For an ideally narrow waist, this is not enough. Vacuum uses a transverse muscle. It forms the muscular belt around the waist, making it slimmer.

Stomach Vacuum Exercise
Stomach Vacuum Exercise

Beginners should know the basic vacuum rules for the abdomen in order to master this simple but very effective method in a short time. And most importantly – to understand how to learn how to do it right, without compromising on health.

  • It is best to perform exercises in the morning, before breakfast. Before classes it is advisable not to eat or drink anything.
  • The technique itself is very easy. The abdomen is retract as much as possible inside and is held in this position for 20-25 seconds. It is more difficult to learn how to breathe properly.
  • Exercises are performed only after a full exhalation.
  • Exhaling air, you also need to start to retract in your stomach.
  • The effect of exercise can be achieved only with constant training. Therefore, you need to develop a habit – after a morning’s upswing, pump up the press, and then have breakfast and start other business.
  • To begin classes better with the most simple exercises – lying on your back. So it’s easiest to get your stomach inside. When you experience, you can move on to more complex options – sitting, on all fours or standing.

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