💪How to Cable Triceps Extantion: Guide & Tips

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🔥 Cable Machines: Arm Cable Triceps Extantion


  1. Technique Cable Triceps Extantion
  2. Cable Triceps Extantion with reverse grip
  3. Cable Triceps Extantion behind the head
  4. Recommendations to Cable Triceps Extantion

Cable Triceps Extantion


The Cable Triceps Extantion is performed in a special simulator – “Crossover”, which is present in each gym. Depending on the grip, arms, you can effectively work out each triceps bundle, isolated from the rest of the muscles. Everyone can choose the exercise options for himself – a beginner and a professional.

Features and Anatomy of exercise

This exercise well loads all triceps bundles: medial, lateral, long, and also the ulnar muscle. This is a simple version of the triceps exercise in the block with a normal grip.

Technique and options Cable Triceps Extantion

Extension triceps in the upper block with normal grip:

Triceps Extantion
Technique and options Cable Triceps Extantion


  1. Stand to Face the Crossover, take the straight handle of the upper block with a grip from above at the edges;
  2. Place your feet across the width of the pelvis and press your elbows against the body.
  3. Forearm relaxed, handle at shoulder level;
  4. Exhale: Extend your arms without tearing your elbows, lowering the hilt all the way to your hips;
  5. Inhale: bend your elbows smoothly and without jerking;
  6. To increase volumes, perform 4×8–12.

Cable Triceps Extantion with reverse grip

Cable Triceps Extantion in upper block with a reverse grip also includes all triceps bundles, in particular the medial one. Unlike other options, the elbow muscles, extensors of the elbows, hands and fingers still work here. The load weight will be less than with the Normal Grip Triceps Extantion.

Reverse triceps extension exercises
Cable Triceps Extantion with reverse grip


  1. Standing in front of the block, grab the straight handle with the reverse grip from the bottom, pressing your elbows firmly against the body;
  2. Exhale: fully extending your arms to your hips;
  3. Inhalation: Slowly relax the triceps by lifting the handle.

Do it – 4×8-12.

Cable Triceps Extantion behind the head in Crossover

The option Triceps extension behind head be works out the long and medial triceps head better. Exercise is performed in the upper block.

Cable Triceps Extantion behind the head


  • Grasp the handle of the upper block with the usual grip from the bottom at the edges, then turn your back to the simulator.
  • Tilt the body forward, and take a step with one foot forward – for stability, pressing your elbows as close to your head as possible.
  • Keep your shoulders in position. The elbows are bent, the handle is closer to the back of the head.
  • Exhale: Extend your elbows fully, in a forward direction above the crown.
  • Inhalation: gently relax the triceps muscles and curl the hilt behind the head while maintaining a tilt.

Select a working weight 4×8-12 times.

Recommendations to Cable Triceps Extantion

Triceps training in Crossover involves high-quality and insulating training, and not force work (up to 8 repetitions). Choose a light weight, perform up to 12 times, most importantly, the sensation of burning triceps.

It is not worth girls to do extension of arms on a block with a large weight, 15–20 repetitions with handles classic grip

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