How to Triceps Exercises for Girls

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Basic training for girls

The first training option is recommended for beginners for basic study of the muscles of the hands.

Tricep exercises


Biceps and triceps are antagonist muscles. Biceps is the muscle of the front of the shoulder, it is biceps, hence the name and is a component of the “bi”. Triceps is the muscle of the back of the shoulder, it is triceps, respectively, hence the name “three”. Exercises for biceps and triceps make our arms stronger, and the shoulder line – more elastic taut.

Some ladies may argue that strong arms are more in the male part, and a woman does not need to pump these muscle groups. However, this is not quite true. It has long been proven that to engage in isolation training any particular muscle group is not so effective. Basic exercises aimed at working out several muscles at once are more effective and help harmoniously improve your body. In addition, the back of the shoulder – quite often in women it is a problem area, fat deposits accumulate here, which makes the skin look flabby and jelly-like. This state of affairs spoils your appearance in swimsuits, tops, dresses and T-shirts on the straps, blouses with short sleeves, etc.

Conventionally, all triceps exercises can be divided into three groups:


  1. Exercises with their own weight – will not require weighting materials or any other devices.
  2. Exercises with weights – for the most part, dumbbells are used, less often – a disk from a barbell or medball.
  3. Exercises using special equipment – this includes uneven bars and special simulators.

Triceps bend-over head

As for the triceps exercises with weighting, for these purposes, the dumbbell bench press is very suitable up from behind the head. To perform the exercise, take dumbbells, a disc from the barbell or medball in your hands, raise your hands above your head, bend at the elbows and lower the weight behind head.

Triceps extension

Also, triceps can be workout while standing with the body leaning forward. Hold dumbbells in each hand, bend your arms at your elbows, press your elbows against your body, and dumbbells to your chest. The knees are bent.



Within a month, you will notice that the flabbiness of the back surface of the shoulder goes away, and it is replaced by an aesthetic and fit shape of the hand, which in the summer will not be ashamed to show on the beach.

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