The 6 Best Bodyweight Workout, Benefits, Types & Guide

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The 6 Best Bodyweight Workout

Try this best bodyweight workout to pump your whole body.

best bodyweight workout
6 best bodyweight workout


Usually, athletes think that building big muscles can only be done using large weights in the gym, but this opinion is erroneous, using your own weight you can build a fairly good muscle corset.

We have selected the 6 best exercises with bodyweight, which you can perform both at home and in the gym without using free weights such as dumbbells and barbells.

For training with your bodyweight, you may need from equipment for instance uneven bars or a crossbar.

How Functional Training Workout

Training with your bodyweight will require no less effort from you than exercises in the gym with weights. Usually, more than one muscle is involved in any exercise, so we get a comprehensive workout using just 6 exercises with your own weight.

Workout Tips

  • Using 6 best bodyweight workout, we separate training into functional and intensive
  • Try to do the exercises at an average pace while supporting the muscles in a constant load.
  • The pace of execution is 1-2 for slope down and 2-3 for raise.
  • For muscle growth, you need to stick to the right protein diet.

Best Bodyweight Workout:  Functional

1. Decline Push-ups

Difficulty level: Advanced

bodyweight train - decline pushup
how to do decline pushup

Sets 3 Reps 15

How to Do:

  1. To perform the exercise, you will need either a fitness ball or bench for a bench press.
  2. Put your feet on a hill, lying down to start the exercise.
  3. Slowly fall down, push up from the floor, at the bottom point for 1-2 seconds, doing pause and return to the starting position.

2. Wide Grip Push-Up

Difficulty level: Beginner

Bodyweight - Wide Grip Push-Up
Wide Grip Push-Up Workout

Sets 5 Time 60sec Reps 60sec


How to Do:

  • Take lying down, put your hands wider than your shoulders, this is the begin position.
  • Start pushing up from the floor, pace 2-2-1, at the very bottom feel the muscle strain, and rise to the begin position.
  • Perform the required number of repetitions.

3. Incline Push-Up

Difficulty level: Beginner

how to do incline push-up
incline push-up workout

Sets 4 Reps 20/15/10

The one best bodyweight workout involves the muscles of the chest and also the muscles of the anterior bundles of the deltoid muscles

How to Do:

  • To perform the exercise, you will need a hill, it can be either a bench or a fitness cube.
  • Take a lying position for push up with the emphasis of the hands-on the bench, while the legs are stable put on the floor.
  • Exercise is great for beginner athletes as well as for girls.
  • Perform a bench push up, pace 2/2/1.
  • At the bottom, take a pause for 1-2 seconds. feeling the maximum stretching of the pectoral muscles.
  • Perform the desired number of repetitions

4. Diamond Push-up

Difficulty level: Middle

how to do diamond pushup
diamond pushup workout

Sets 4 Reps 12/10/8


How to Do:

  • This exercise is very similar to classic push-ups.
  • Accept the emphasis lying down, the set-up of the hands will be palms to palms, while the elbows are looking sideways.
  • Perform push-ups from the floor with narrow arms, this involves not only your pectoral muscles but also triceps.
  • Temp of Push-up 2/1/1.
  • Perform the desired number of repetitions.

Best Bodyweight Workout: Intensive

5. Bench Dips

Difficulty level: Beginner

Best Bodyweight Workout -Bench Dips
How to Do Bench Dips

Sets 5 Time 30sec Rest 30sec

How to Do:

  • Exercise with the main load on triceps, and is also used as one of the best exercises for working with your bodyweight.
  • To perform the exercise, you need a bench on which to focus with your hands with your back to the bench.
  • Legs stand firmly on the floor, giving balance and stability during the exercise.
    Doing bench dips at 2/2/1 in pace.
  • At the bottom point do not pause immediately return to the begin position
  • Perform the desired number of repetitions.

6. Parallel bar dips

Difficulty level: Middle

bodyweight workout -parallel bar dips
parallel bar dips workout

Sets 4 Time 20sec Rest 10sec

How to Do:


  • To perform the exercise with your own weight, you will need uneven bars.
  • Jump onto the bars while keeping your body on the hands, you can keep your legs straight or slightly bent from 45 degrees to 90.
  • Perform push-ups lowering yourself between the bars, while the exercise can be varied by shifting the angle of inclination.
  • If we want to load pectoral muscles are doing dips on bars with a wider grip and shifting the body tilt forward.
  • If we want to use triceps, then the body goes down vertically.
  • At the bottom point, you don’t need a pause, immediately return to the begin position.
  • Perform the desired number of repetitions.


Use these 6 best bodyweight workout to pump your whole body, perform exercises separated them into training days, mix and use different variations of exercises to get the best effect

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