Mr. Olympia’s New Owner: Olympia sold – Jake Wood

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Mr. Olympia sold

Mr. Olympia sold. Olympia and the Muscle & Fitness magazine were sold to a new owner. Jake Wood became the lucky owner of Olympia!

Olympia sold
Olympia was sold


Those who know Jack, know that he is not the last person in Wing of Strength he promoted this tournament and the tournament is a success.

The main motivation, according to Jake Wood, is to bring Olympia back to a true Bodybuilding and Fitness fan, for this I bought the most significant show in the world of sports.

It has always been a dream of mine to own the most significant event in the sports industry, and it happened I am the owner of Olympia, and I also acquired the most significant online media and offline magazine Muscle & Fitness. I hope this will help us reach the entire fitness audience, both the internet and the public, everyone who loves bodybuilding and fitness, and also shares a healthy lifestyle, said Jake Wood.

This is a significant and important day for us, we became the owners of a very significant event sporting event and we have a huge responsibility and we will not let you down, fans of the fitness industry.

History of Olympia

In 2003, the Weider sold their empire to AMI for $ 330,000. Recently we learned that Olympia sold to Jake Wood.

What will change?

Now we are tormented by only one question: what to change, and what Olympia will be next. No one has an exact answer to it. But we would like to raise for consideration 3 important points in our opinion.


1. Firstly, when all power is concentrated in the hands of one particular person, this is usually worse than when something is owned by a large company. And the Olympia brand itself is very important to all of us.

2. The Second, They say that everyone who interacted with Jake Wood and tried to find out what his plans were – no one said anything concrete.

3. And Third, Jim Manion of the IFBB PRO League NPC who is the president of the federation – has publicly commented that Jake’s love of bodybuilding is genuine and that the new owner of Olympia can fully count on the support of him and his team.

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