How to Properly Move Gym Equipment – How to prepare & pack elliptical, treadmill

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Gym Equipment Moving

How to Properly Move Gym Equipment
How to Properly Move Gym Equipment

Athletes know how heavy and huge sports equipment can be. Transporting all your facilities becomes a challenging action. Whether your gym equipment moving is home or a commercial, they are difficult to deal with. Here we have collected some essential tips and information about completing such transportation.


Tips For Moving A Home Gym

Before moving to the main part of instruction, let’s learn some basics. If you will do this before the transportation, it is very likely to become less stressful and dangerous for facilities. Let’s look how to prepare for moving your home gym.


Firstly, you should divide your equipment into groups. Those groups should be convenient and logical, and here is an idea for doing this. Mark:

  • large and small ones;
  • heavy and lightweight;
  • adjustable and one-piece.

When you finish this, it will become easier to rate the costs of the move and the time it might take.


If your facilities are not brand-new, they probably have some unseen breakages. Inspect all belongings to find them, then fix everything as much as possible. It will ensure you that nothing will get broken on the road. Also, clean your assets and find out how to pack gym equipment better.

How To Move Heavy Equipment?

Let’s move on to transporting different types of sports facilities. Below there is a short instruction for each popular type and advice on careful transportation.

An Elliptical Machine

Step one. Prepare the wrapping. You will need:

  • towels or another soft material;
  • ratchet ties;
  • tie-down straps;
  • and a furniture dolly.

Step two. Unplug the elliptical machine and lay it on a side.

Step three. Then take tie-down straps and place them over the footholds.

Step four. Take a ratchet-tie and fasten tie-down straps with it, so the machine will be stable on the move.

Step five. Place it on a furniture dolly. You’ll probably need an assistant. Now wrap a machine in towels or blankets to protect it while transporting it to a van or truck.

A Treadmill

  • Step one. The first thing to do is disconnecting it and unplugging the electricity.
  • Step two.  According to the instructions, divide a treadmill into portable sections.
  • Step three. Roll the belt up and wrap it in a secure bubble wrap and fix it with ropes to avoid scratches.

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Step four. If there are any moving parts, fix them steadily so they won’t move in the vehicle. Now you are ready to load it into the van!

How To Storage Lightweight Items?

The process is quite similar to moving any other kind of furniture. You just place assets in boxes and load them into the truck. Still, there are some moments and hints to ease packing.

  • Pull equipment in boxes according to their groups. Put weights together, then ropes, expanders, and all other items.
  • Mark every box and bag and write which group of belongings is inside.
  • Wrap big and light items like yoga carpets into some material. Old newspapers, sheets, or bubble wrap will fit perfectly. Belongings will be protected from dirt and scratches.


Do Moving Companies Transport Excercise Equipment?

Probably, the easiest way of transportation is hiring professional movers. We asked a top technician from a Seattle company how do they perform gym equipment moving services.

Here is what he answered.

«Clients frequently ask us “How do I move my home gym equipment? Can you help me?” Yes, we provide such services as any skilled contractor does. Still, there are some specific difficulties. First of all, most clients transport not only the gym equipment but the whole apartment. Every time our movers have to find out an unharmful way to place both usual furniture and sports assemblings. Another thing is wrapping. Every time, it takes time to decide on which to use better. As professional packers, we deal easily with it but still have to ensure in materials’ reliability.

With commercial moving, the biggest problem is the number of machines and their size. Our fleet involves large 26’ trucks, and sometimes we still need two or more of them.»

As you see, skilled movers can take all problems we marched upon themselves. It is the best variant for a professional athlete. Except for the professional service, with a reliable contractor you receive a guarantee that your belongings will be safely delivered to a new place. It must be provided by an agreement.

Here we’ve shown you ways of moving your home gym equipment. Hope it helps you in case of transportation!

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