Treadmill Workouts!

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 Treadmill Workouts that Don’t Suck 💥

Treadmill Workouts

❌Cardio is boring, so they put tv’s in front of it, and said it’s less boring (nation gets fatter) – ✅ Cardio / exercise is always boring if you don’t have a goal – and using one of these three workouts can help you keep things A) interesting and B) help with fat loss –
💦Interval sprints are hard yet effective because they require fast twitch fibers in addition to having a bigger caloric expenditure post workout

🔥Hill workout is difficult because it’s slow, painful (no hands!) and opens up Achilles and hamstrings nicely –
🏆Quarter mile repeats are some of my favorites – they really add endurance and test your will –
🤔So what’s it going to be?

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