How to Do Treadmill Workouts – 3 Ways Exercises Treadmill

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How to Do Treadmill Workouts

If regular running on a treadmill is tiring, try diluting it with a few effective exercises.
The principle of working on a treadmill seems quite clear and simple to anyone: get up and go. Well, or ran. Depends on the level of preparation.

 3 Ways Treadmill Exercises

Cardio is boring, so they put tv’s in front of it, and said it’s less boring (nation gets fatter)
Cardio/exercise is always boring if you don’t have a goal – and using one of these three workouts can help you:

  • Keep shape;
  • Interesting workout;
  • Help with fat loss.

Monotonous and rather long occupation, isn’t it? But what if we look at this process from a slightly different angle and make small changes? We will talk about this now.

Interval sprints are hard yet effective because they require fast twitch fibers in addition to having a bigger caloric expenditure post-workout

Hill workout is difficult because it’s slow, painful (no hands!), and opens up Achilles and hamstrings nicely.
Quarter mile repeats are some of my favorites – they really add endurance and test your will.

Circuit training on a treadmill

If just running has become boring, you can arrange for yourself a full-fledged circular workout. In 40 minutes, you will burn a lot more calories than if you just ran. The most important rule is not to rest!

1) Run

  • Duration: 10 minutes.

We run them at a pace that is comfortable for us, without bringing the pulse to the limit.

If a 10-minute run is a problem, you can replace it with an interval run. We walk quietly for two minutes and run for two minutes. In this case, the aerobic exercise lasts the same 10 minutes, without changes.


After cardio, we don’t rest on the track and immediately go to the barbell.

  1. We place our legs shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other.
  2. We put the bar on our shoulders and bend our legs to a right angle, keeping our back straight.
  3. The head does not fall, the gaze is in front of you. We work with a weight that is difficult for 10 repetitions.
  4. We perform squats 10 reps.

– Read more about Squatting as a Solo Exercise

Treadmill Exercises

If you are already tired of circuit training or if running and squats are not enough, these exercises will definitely work. All you need is fitness bands. On the track, select the lowest speed.

Walking sideways


  1. We put on an elastic band in the middle of the hips and stand sideways to the control panel of the track.
  2. We set a low speed.
  3. We move with side steps in a semi-squat, trying to keep the elastic band always in tension. The steps are small, the back is straight, and the hands are at the chin.
    We go for a minute on each side.

Lunges with a swing leg back


  1. The elastic wraps around both thighs in the middle, and we stand facing the control panel.
  2. The treadmill speed is slow. We lunge with one foot, after which we straighten the supporting leg and bring back the one that just made the lunge.
  3. We repeat the same with the second leg – lunge and swing back. The move is fast and not very high. We follow the balance. You can lean on the special handrails of the track.
  4. We walk like this for about 1-2 minutes.

Сruciform steps

You don’t need resistance bands for this exercise.


  1. We stand sideways on the path. Set the speed to low.
  2. The movement begins with the leg located closer to the end of the track: it is placed in front of the leg, which is closer to the control panel of the simulator.
  3. Legs are crossed. After that, we put forward the leg that previously stood idle and thus return to the starting position.
  4. We continue such steps crosswise, passing the leg in front of the supporting one, then behind it. We hold our hands at the chin.
  5. We walk like this for 3-5 minutes on each side.


We learned about exercises that not only make training more interesting but also increase its effectiveness. It’s up to you to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

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