How to Do Deep Smith Machine Squats: Benefits, Alternatives

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How to Do Deep Smith Machine Squats

Like any type of squat, the Smith Machine Squats is a basic exercise, during which almost all the muscles of the body are included in the work.

how to do squat
How to Do Squat smith machine

With a not deep squat, the emphasis shifts to the front of the thigh, but deep squats work out very well both the hamstrings and gluteal muscles – they receive a relatively greater load than with classic squats.

The lower back is also more actively involved in the exercise. A large number of joints work, especially the legs and back.

Benefits of the deep squat. How to execute Smith Machine Squats?


It is believed that deep smith machine squats can harm the knee joint. The fact is that deep squats may be contraindicated for people with knee injuries or diseases. Failure to follow the exercise technique can also lead to injury.

Why do knees Hurt?

During or after performing any squats, unpleasant or painful sensations in the knees may occur. There may be several reasons for this:

  • A deep squat will be more difficult for an athlete with an ectomorph-type physique, which is naturally characterized by a low level of physical strength, thin muscles, and narrow bones. The muscles in the thighs should provide reliable protection for the knee during squats. If this does not happen, the load is too great. In this case, you need to very slowly, carefully, preferably with a good trainer, build muscle mass in the legs with exercises that are more gentle for the knee.
  • Knees can hurt if there is inflammation of the meniscus or other diseases of the knee joint or joints in general. In this case, for the period of recovery, the loads should be excluded, and after the lesson, they should be selected by the doctor in such a way that they contribute to the recovery.
  • Knee pain during any kind of squat can signal a serious problem. You need to see a doctor. Also, the reason may be the low level of physical fitness of the athlete. Beginners often have knee pain after any squat, but the discomfort (the level of pain is low, tolerable) disappears after 3-4 sessions. If the pain is sharp or lasts longer, this is a reason to see a doctor.


In addition to the benefits for the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, there are several advantages of deep smith machine squats at once:

  • Deep squats can increase the stability of the knee joint and keep it healthy for a long time. The pressure inside the knee is reduced, which is beneficial for the joint as a whole.
  • The glute load is increased by 25% compared to the classic squat, which helps to build muscle in this area.
  • Increase in strength indicators: due to the deep squat, the legs become very strong, therefore the exercise is indispensable for many athletes – athletes, runners, football players, and many others.
  • Low knee mobility in daily life as a result of a sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise leads to arthritis. Deep squats reduce the likelihood of developing this condition.
  • Knee injuries and surgeries are easier to tolerate, and the joint itself recovers faster with regular deep smith machine squats.

Smith Machine Squat Technique


This exercise is best for beginners because the bar is fixed here, which eliminates the risk of falling back and makes it easier to emphasize the load on the legs.

Deep squats
deep smith machine squats

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  1. Stand into Smith Machine, starting to execute exercises with an empty bar, and warm up your knee joint before increasing the weight.
  2. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, for tall athletes a little wider.
  3. The socks look slightly to the sides.
  4. Look straight ahead, do not lower your head down.
  5. The abs and buttocks are tensed.
  6. The back is straight and stiff, the shoulder blades are drawn together.
  7. On an inhalation, we take the pelvis back and begin to put down smoothly: when jerking, there really is a chance to harm the knees or lower back.
  8. Squat below parallel of the floor, be guided by your feelings. Some people manage to reach the calves with their hips, but for beginners with untrained leg muscles, it will be difficult.
  9. Hold at the lowest point for a couple of seconds and slowly rise up as you exhale.
  10. Start with 8-10 reps and work your way up to 15-18. 2-3 approaches will be enough for a beginner, an experienced athlete can perform 4 or more.


Deep squats in a Smith machine are perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes, with the help of these exercises you can pump both quads and gluteal muscles, you can use it in a training program both at the beginning of a workout and in the middle.


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