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🔥 Can your knees move past your toes when squatting?👇

✅ This is such an undying myth. I mean: olympic lifters train their full depth squats with their knees way past their toes, yet 135 lbs bro coach half rep squatters at the gym be like: “Yo, don’t let your knees go past the toes if you want to keep them safe, tehe..”


your knees move past your toes when squatting
Your knees move past your toes when squatting


✅✅✅Bullsh*t. Your knees are fine and are fully capable of holding the weight by traveling a little forward. That’s actually the only way you’re going to keep the barbell’s load “mid foot”.
While there are definitely cases in which people will squat just fine with their knees not going past their toes, this does NOT mean everyone should follow the cue.

❌❌❌Not letting your knees travel past your feet increases lower back & hips stress by… 1070% which is A L O T. Sure, you get a 20% only knee torque, but I don’t think it’s a good trade off with the amount of stress placed on your back. Is it? I mean, you choose..


Barbell Squat Benefits
Barbell Squat Benefits


“Although restricting forward movement of the knees may minimize stress on the knees, it is likely that forces are inappropriately transferred to the hips and low-back region. Thus, appropriate joint loading during this exercise may require the knees to move slightly past the toes.”

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