🔥What is Best to Build Muscle 👇| Picture & Guide

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🚨 What is Best to Build Muscle ?

✅ When it comes to building muscle, a few things are of the upmost importance: intensity, volume, form and progressive overload. ✅ When it comes to which medium is best to build muscle (i.e. free weights, machines, or calisthenics), it depends on a few factors, one of which is preference. Each of those mediums has their benefits and their detriments.


What is Best to Build Muscle
What is Best to Build Muscle


✅ Though free weights are perfect for building functional strength and emphasize the compound lifts, they are also a bit more dangerous and are easy to cheat technique. Though machines are much safer and can isolate a muscle group very easily, they do not develop functional strength. Finally, though calisthenics again build functional strength and can literally be done almost anywhere, going from progression to progression can sometimes be like jumping 50lbs on a bar.


How to Build Muscle
How to Build Muscle


✅ Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but you should be competent in all ways of training. All ways will build muscle and strength given you lift with a heavy enough load using perfect form with enough volime and you progressively overload each time.

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