Hindu Push up: How to Training, Tips, Benefits & Exercises Guide

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The Hindu Push up it is a Best Exercises for Training Chest, Arms

If you have mastered classic push-ups, now try to diversify and doing Hindu push up, they perfectly develop strength, flexibleness and pump muscles such as chest and arms.

How to Do Hindu push-up
Hindu push-ups for beginners


Hindu pushup are also known as the Indian version of pushup, a great option to diversify your pectoral and arm workouts. It it a good workout push-ups for beginners, but also suitable for experienced athletes. Develop your flexibleness in the spine, deltoid muscles, and pectoralis.

Table of Contents:

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  1. The usefulness push up exercises
  2. How to Do Hindu Pushup
  3. Tips & Benefit of Push-ups
  4. Safety Precautions Associated with push-ups

The Usefulness of Push-up Exercise

These push-ups are very useful multi-joint exercises. This means that the exercise involves many muscle groups and also well develops flexibleness spine and pelvic.

Where does the name Hindu push-ups come from. Many centuries ago, Indian fighters performed 1000 push-ups per day, and this kind of push-ups appeared.
Indian push-ups were aimed at strengthening the upper part of the whole body, and did not involve only the chest or hands, such as in diamond push-ups or classic push-ups.

How to Do Hindu Push-ups

The exercise of Indian push-ups is very similar to an exercise from yoga: The dog face down. In this exercise, you also need to move forward and backward, perform a deflection and return to its original position. Let’s take a closer look at how to do push-ups:

How to:

  1. Take a yoga mat, take a position as in the classic push-ups or when doing the plank, this will be our starting position.
  2. Put your hands a little narrower shoulders, legs are on the floor on toes and are on the width of the shoulders.
  3. From the position of the Plank, start to raise the pelvis up, taking it much back until the arms are fully extended.
  4. Start doing push-ups, and when the chest approaches the floor, begin to slide the chest forward, while the pelvis and spine tend to the floor and the shoulder blades and hands to straighten your body.
  5. For visual effect look at the picture below.
  6. Return to starting position.
  7. Perform 4-5 sets in which there will be 20 -25 repetitions.
How to Do Perfect press up Hindu pushup
How to Do Hindu pushups


During the exercise, it is important to remember that technique is the key to the health of your joints as well as ligaments and muscles. Perform the exercise without jerking. To begin with, make a few simple bends, wave-like movements with the whole body on a fitness mat, this will help your body warm up and then proceed with the exercise.

Tips & Benefit of Hindu push up

  • Hindu push-ups have a number of positive advantages over standard versions of push-ups:
  • Due to the constant deflections in the spine, the exercise makes your back more flexible and can even cure osteochondrosis.
  • Exercise beneficially stimulates the cardiovascular system, can be compared with cardiotraining.
  • Performing Hindu push-ups regularly, contributing to the development of strength and strengthening ligaments.
  • With the help of this exercise, you pump several muscle groups at once: the back, pectoral muscles, neck muscles, actively participate in the exercise the muscles of the shoulders and trapezium, as well as the gluteal muscles.
  • Performing the exercise on rest days between workouts, you can reduce the level of catabolism in the muscles, as well as increase the level of testosterone.

Hindu push up: Safety Precautions Associated 

Hindu push-ups have some limitations in execution that are better to adhere to so as not to harm yourself even more, let’s look at them:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Weakened muscles of the whole body (dystrophy);
  • Rehabilitation after injuries or fractures;
  • Various kinds of stomach disease;
  • Hernias.

The Workout of the Upper Part of the Whole Body in Combination with other Pushups Exercises

When we want to work out the upper part of the whole body, we will use Hindu pushups, it is perfectly combined with other exercises on the upper body, as well as classical push-ups or diamond push-ups, this exercise is also perfect for girls who do not have much strength for press up.

Stretch and flexibility

Since Hindu push up came to us from yoga and contained the strengths of the exercise the downward dog which in the best way affect the development of flexibleness and stretching of all muscles and joints.

Performing such push-ups regularly you will increase your flexibleness, improve circulation, the joints will become more mobile, and your general condition of the body will improve due to the best of metabolism.

Increased Hardiness

Improving endurance is one of the important features in everyday life, endurance determines our life, it is used in various active sports such as boxing, wrestling, swimming, running, etc. Indian wrestlers used Hindu push up to increase endurance and performed up to 2500 thousand push-ups per day.
Due to workout a large number of muscles and static loads on the whole body, Hindu push-ups become the best endurance exercise in among similar.

Strengthening the back muscles


If you have had back injuries, you can begin to gradually perform Hindi push-ups. Due to the fact that this exercise is multi-joint, you can strengthen almost all the muscles of the upper part of your body.
With Hindi push-ups you will work with muscles like: the lumbar muscle of the back, the entire shoulder girdle, arms, pectoral muscles, neck muscles, as well as the exercise will train the flexibility of the entire upper body region.

Versatility and mobility exercises

All options for push-ups are universal and can be performed both at home and in the gym, and on vacation by the pool. You do not need any specialized equipment to perform 3-4 sets of push-ups with 20-25 repetitions.

Thanks to the versatility and mobility of Hindi push up are so popular among athletes around the world.

You can adjust the frequency of training even at home, thereby strengthening your muscles and becoming more flexible, thereby improving your life, becoming healthier and stronger.

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