How to Start Crypto Trading?

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How to Start Crypto Trading?

Start Crypto Trading

How to Start Crypto Trading? The cryptocurrency market is developing, and more new projects have introduced coins that fill crypto rankings. Crypto is used for:

  • Investments 
  • Trading 
  • Buying services, programs, and goods
  • Gas stations and online shops
  • Blockchain games 
  • And other purposes.

Trading crypto is the most popular application of digital assets. To begin crypto trading, one should understand what coins to buy and how to use strategies. 

How to Pick Cryptocurrency for a Beginner?

Experienced investors recommend picking from the most popular crypto assets and adding your investment portfolio with less-known but promising projects. That is, buy crypto from the top traded list (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and look for other assets, for example, Solana, The Sandbox, Cardano, etc.

So to start crypto trading, you first need to buy crypto.

How to Purchase Your First Crypto?

To buy digital assets, you can use any centralized crypto platform. For example, WhiteBIT. First, register an account and pass the verification. It takes just a couple of days to become a verified user and access all the trading tools. Then attach your bank card and move the necessary amount of fiat money to your account. Next, go to the “Trade” section and select the asset you have and the coin you want to buy. The crypto calculator will help you understand how much it will cost to buy crypto coins, considering the current price. Then you pay the fee and receive the needed crypto asset in your account.

Buying crypto is only the first step in trading. You need to learn trading strategies and pick one for yourself. The best idea would be to learn theory and practice simultaneously. WhiteBIT offers such an option – a WhiteBIT blog with helpful articles, guides and a demo account where you can practice and learn to trade wisely. 

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