Wood carving designs

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Wood carving designs are countless and that’s their beauty – the diversity, the difference and inspiration in each one is what makes you want to keep creating. They don’t depend on your tools as much as on your talent and skill, and those things can be learned so you don’t have to limit yourself if you see something you like. Try it, postpone it if you feel like you have more things to learn before you do something particular, learn and then go back. There are no deadlines with wood carving, no rush, just you and nature working together as one to create something beautiful.

When looking for those wood carving designs, you need to choose from a wide range of sources, and that’s really good for your inspiration. You can try variations of the same thing to practice more, pick up any kind of new pattern or even take up a new style that you haven’t done before. So try in-round carving, abstract whittling, chip carving, geometry, spoons – whatever floats your boat. There are text instructions in books and articles, there are video tutorials on YouTube, online blogs and forums that share new inventions all the time.

We always need to move: it can be a horizontal movement or a forward one. Practicing the same thing to become better would be the horizontal one and doing new would be forward, but both are good. Both mean you’re doing something so go out there, search for new tricks and patterns to implement and don’t hesitate when you do. Too many great wood carving designs are shared with us to stop now when the wood carving history is at its peak. We’re creating it right now, so you can contribute to that at any moment.


And when you are good and inspired, those wood carving designs will be very needed to begin the next step. Finding them isn’t tricky, but finding a lot of them together in one place is another task to take up. Look at BeaverCraft (a tool manufacturer company) as an example: they’ve made a newsletter of more than 50 patterns and designs that can be implemented by a carver of any level. It’s completely free and you can subscribe to it on their website or under their YouTube tutorials. Yes, they’ve got video tutorials on carving different things as well where they use those patterns from the newsletter.

There are a lot of separate articles throughout the Internet where you can pick a couple of wood carving designs. There’s Pinterest, of course, as a great picture sharing platform that’ll let you see a lot of potential ideas. But, of course, if you’d like more instructions and guidance, there are such things as BeaverCraft with their newsletter. They also have tools of very pleasant quality and, what also matters, price. That’s why we all enjoy articles such as this one: it helps everyone to exchange the information that can be useful to someone else and that’s a very gratifying feeling.

Don’t get scared of carving or looking for ideas, grab the bull by the horns and you’ll see that instead of wasting time doubting you’ll be able to find what you like and want to create. Get yourself proper tools, find the greatest wood carving designs and let’s get to it!

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