Hany Rambod claims Hadi Choopan was robbed by Mr. Olympia 2021

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Hany Rambod claims Hadi Choopan was robbed by Mr. Olympia 2021

Hadi Choopan Audience Champion

Hany Rambod claims that his ward, Hadi Chupan, had the “best fit” physique at Olympia 2021. Part of the bodybuilding community believes that Hadi Chupan was deprived of victory at Mr. Olympia 2021. Coach Rambod thinks he knows why did it happen. When I started working with Choopan, and it helped him take second place at Olympia 2019. However, in 2021 the Iranian bodybuilder finished third, although many believed that on stage he had a better physique than Brandon Curry and Big Ramy, who took 1 and 2 places. In a recent interview (in the video below), Hany explained what he believed was the reason many people considered him the favorite of the 2021 Olympia.

P.S “You have a big guy Ramy, then you have a guy with a cool shape who is better in quality than Ramy and Curry, but also smaller than both of them in volume … I also think that Hadi is more complete. but the judges decided otherwise.”

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“In the end, some people probably thought Curry should have won, but many thought it would be Hadi, and I also think he was the most perfect. That is why many people on the Internet write that he was robbed. I think there is a certain standard of fitness that I think people expect from the open category at Mr. Olympia. And I want to believe that the standards of aesthetics are not in the last place.”

Hadi Chupan Olympia 2021

The shape Big Ramy introduced on the Olympia stage in 2020 to win the title was undoubtedly one of his best physiques ever seen. However, Hany Rambod says there have been no real improvements from last year to this year, and if anything, Rami now looked a little worse. The celebrity trainer explained that part of what made Rami’s physique so impressive for 2020 is how he is was dry and quality.

Rami has been very, very good for a while, but I think last year he had a breakthrough year for several reasons … Last year he was drier than this year. Now he is the bigger this year. I personally like a better more small physique to be able to demonstrate muscle division.

There is also an opinion that the judges did not give preference to Hadi because they saw changes in his deltas and there is a suspicion that he went too far with Synthol, and they do not want to give other athletes a reason to use Synthol openly so that he changes the shape of the muscles to unnatural ones.

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