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before and after weight loss


Hey it’s me again. I’ve been feeling pretty down about the rp cut that I’m doing right now so I decided to take some pictures!

before and after weight lossbefore and after weight loss

The “after” pictures are from today and while I am not done with my cut yet it was fun to compare them to pictures I took around this time last year! Rp aside, just doing CrossFit for almost a year has made huge changes to my body! I really love how much control we can have over our bodies if we choose.

I decided a while ago I wanted to improve my squats and I have! I also spent some time working hard to be able to get a strict pull-up, now I can do almost 6! You can achieve whatever you set your mind to, you just have to be willing to work for it. I still have so many goals I hope to achieve.

I’m hoping to tone my stomach more with the rp cut I’m on, but these pictures show that there have been some changes. If you are in any sort of healthy lifestyle process make sure you take pictures! They really do make all the difference! Next goal: abs

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