Before and after weight loss success stories!

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weght loss

My  is a little different today as my ‘happier’ photo is me on the main night for my hen do back in Feb 2015.

Zipped up with room to spare which is a massive confidence boost as, in my opinion, maintaining weight loss and still enjoying your life is way harder than the initial weight loss struggle.

I’m currently attempting at being super good to shift a few lbs before a few upcoming holidays and Christmas so I can relax and enjoy myself a little but it’s good to know that I haven’t veered too far off of things in the past (nearly) 2 years. I didn’t start to lose weight for my wedding as I’d lost most of it before the boy proposed but.

I’m so glad I did as if I hadn’t this hen do photo would be me hiding myself away in a giant black, baggy tee

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