Girl body transformation

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When you get to the point when you dread going out in public because you are embarrassed and ashamed of your body, it is time for a change. ⠀

Girl body transformation

The me on the left avoided all social situations. I was depressed that it had been 9 months and I still hadn’t lost the baby weight. ⠀
I was living in maternity clothes, the same one pair of baggy sweats, and my husband’s T-shirt’s because my clothes didn’t fit. ⠀
I have been so blessed with an amazing family. Yet I still wasn’t happy because in the midst of taking care of everyone else, I neglected myself. ⠀
So I decided it was time to take back control.

This is the transformation that happened on the outside in 4 months, but my my inner transformation was much more drastic. ⠀
I made an effort to work on me everyday. I realized that through taking care of myself, I became a better mom, wife, and friend. ⠀
I started to have more energy, more confidence, and more happiness. ⠀
As moms, we often put ourselves last, when in fact we should be putting ourselves first so we can be the best women we can be.  ⠀
If you’re wanting to get started on your own journey, you know. I’m always just a message away.

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