Where the heck did my body go?

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iafter weight loss

I swear sometimes I stand there and wonder “where the heck did my body go?”

The one I felt trapped in, the one that hurt so much everything ached and pained.
The one I felt depressed in , The one I hardly ever smiled in , The one I had no self esteem in.
It wasn’t my body that was trapping me.
It was my unhealthy eating habits and my emotional eating!

I suffered from migraines/anxiety daily i was even hospitalized for those migraines and they found nothing wrong!
The nights I binged on food and ate out atleast 2-3 times a day if I could.
But I got a hefty 20,000 medical bill from a 5 day stay! I was on mess for my asthma,breathing treatments,inhalers,medicine for migraines almost on medicine for anxiety until I said enough medicine enough sickness I’m ready to live! I slowly changed my eating I slowly picked up more water and now…well the rest is history .

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